Char~* Salisbury + Embers Glo Xition => Color Healings

CharXitionChar~*Xition color healing of 1/16 has a yellow green background (Svaeieia) that to me signifies a spiritual ally. The dominant colors are RGB, red, green, blue, the online color primaries. Runesigns are in the upper portion seeming maybe advanced and maybe not grounded. Open is outside the circle. Within four runesign could stand as a tetrahedron, basic manifestation building block. The vertexes are manifest, movement, drop (rune 31: a drop with an open top around a point) and jert (rune 28: Jert - Raisin is when you concentrate as it is in all its irregularity and interrelationship with all). I would reword this as open to manifest moving drop of all. It sounds like a welcome salutation inviting change. The dark twistor indicates a change healing.

CharXitionTwistorThe Char~*XitionTwistor color healing of 1/17 calls for three changes: another Twistor, Seraph and Crown. The Svaeieia magenta color reminds me of the beyond where the colors of the spectrum of our world unite. Blue and red come around. Again the nodes are RGB. Jert raisining is outside the circle, vertical. Within, a single runesign Scrall (rune 29: Scrall - Zero is to keep equal shamanic ties to the undivided at the Noint Joint, for all your worldly ties to the divided, so having a very tight balance. Not wildly dynamic as the raisin can be. This is perhaps the most beyond our capabilities of any of the new runes.).

CharXitionTwistorSeraphThe Char~*XitionTwistorSeraph color healing of 1/18 is drenched in a lavender-hinted blue with touches of new colors emerging. The runesign Pjorn (rune 30: tetrahedral kind of triangulation. As 5D grows from roots and synergizes existing 3D and 4D, so this tetrahedronation is to tetrahedronate or tetrate and do tetration. Is not four triangulations combined? Is a single triangulation with another overlooked aspect of angles. The symbol suggests that the ends of the lines might have a different angle to the node than the inner triangle of lines, when seeing 5D. Here straight lines. There raisined lines.) which suggests evolutionary trend to harvest, opening the earth animal to the prototet (rune 26: when something is created a prototet is the precursor to the tetrahedron, a virtual tet).

Char~*XitionTwistorTwistorThe Char~*XitionTwistorTwistor Svaeieia of 1/19 is neutral gray that could be balance. RG is there with newer lighter colors and a single blue. Runesigns arc across: Chakra, breakthrough, wholeness, evolution, flow. I believe this is work in progress.

Char!*XitionTwistorCrownThe Char~*XitionTwistorCrown Svaeieia of 1/20 is indeed a breakthrough, the first healing to exude juicy joy like Char even though single new change seed on the High node. Runesigns are tumultuous and complex, piling together at all angles. Char's birthday was on the 2nd day of the month and rune 2 is in this healing: prayer touching initiation. Two clusters balance on the Pjorn fulcrum. On the right hand Elobeing Priest movement. On the left hand breakthrough harvest movement chakras. My runesign is here too the personal arrow. Outside the circle flow prototet. This healing could lead to deep complicated interpretation.

Char~*XitionTwistorCrownHighThe Char~*XitionTwistorCrownHigh of 1/21 lighter blue background Svaeieia returns freshened with sharp greens and highlights. Char prayer runesign outside the circle with moving flow gateway. There are three flows here, reminding me of my flowing feelings right after death. The runestory might read, Charspirit prayer gateway flow moves in meditation initiation to prototet priest evolutionary being flow drop up joy flow. Expansive runestones with opening lifting outward buoyancy. This is the final color healing of the series.

Char~* transitioned the next day, 1/22. See the Char~* page.

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