Web and Computer Art

Computer and web art started in Silicon valley, for me. What appears in this section is lifted from the mix of a complex reality. For example, the art page shows the drop drawn by hand, colored online in my journal, sculpted in my studio, lNf (Lost and Found). But the drop will probably seep into this section too.

Eventually, computer art will appear on the Web for you. Here's one that bubbled up.The physical basis of the graphic is a scan of a black and white drawing of the "Sphere of the Emotions" from one of my books. The imaginative ground is a vision of a colored light being (CLB) emerging from a yellow iris flower.

To make it simple, Web art is separated by location. So where it is is where it is. The top level is divided by Web site location. Under that are the art locations. That doesn't answer what it is about yet. But we'll get to that. The listing today is for what is available. The listing doesn't show or reflect all of the planned contents.

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