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Art in Silicon Valley

In 1983, I moved south from Monte Rio to Silicon Valley, California, which is the base for all work through 2001. Working in the computer industry, I used UNIX, PC, Macintosh, and Silicon Graphics systems. At a start-up with a Mac network in 1986, I was ready for HyperCard and SuperCard to program my Mac and continue exporting my visions. My entry to art had been via zen ink painting, so I was enchanted and thrilled when Mac Calligraphy appeared.

I was lucky enough to work under Jim Clark and some of the people who left SGI to found Netscape. So I learned HTML and ventured into web research and development in 1993. Artmaking now includes photography, rough sculpture, and mostly Macintosh web publishing. Someday, I hope to link this page to the art within the Wholeo Online site better. For example, all Web Art through 2001 is a subset of this page. Continuing visions found an outlet in my living room/studio. See lostNfound.

Computer signal. Antithesis to the thesis (see Minnesota art, University of Minnesota, MFA).

Here is my first Flash animation (1999). The image of a rough sculpture of 3bc, the third base camp, is an example of my artmaking process. I photographed the sculpture, scanned the photo, and imported the digitized graphic into Flash. Still, it's a sketch. Stay tuned. In 2002, I retired to Florida, where art on the computer continues.

<img src="sv3bc1.jpg" width=223 height=117 usemap="#sv3bc1" border=0>

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