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Art in Minneapolis

Zen and the art of Caroling includes oil painting, ink painting, drawing, stained glass, and expression in various other mediums. Much of that art is still not web-ready.

In Minnesota, 1958, I wanted to be able to draw, paint, write, express everything I could see. The timeframe here starts with birth of Carol Lind in 1934. There are a few early works. In 1954, on a bicycle trip through England and Scotland, I decided to major in Art. Unknown to me, I was very near Findhorn at the time. After looking at European art in France, Spain, Italy, and Switzerland, I returned to the University of Minnesota. It was Art from then on.

After MFA graduation in 1960, I moved to "Seven Corners". That is literally a neighborhood and metaphorically a focus of changes. The Minnesota timeframe ends in 1962, when I moved to New York City, in search of the elusive goals, art and love.


Seven Corners

Path through weeds See the Seven Corners page for works made in this area of Minneapolis, by Carol Lind Geary. A one-woman show at Walker Art Center.

University of Minnesota

See the UofM page for works from my college years. The MFA thesis works are:

Portrait of two friends

Early on

For the record, here is a water color from 1945, when I was 11 years old, The Blue Gate or a larger one.

After Minnesota in 1962 came New York city.


I revisited Minnesota for two days in 1972 and for two weeks in 2001 (see panorama) and 2012 (see videos). A few artworks came forth.

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