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In 2001, I web-published my 1959 MFA thesis. All along I'm thinking, screaming, writhing, moaning, "Antithesis". Don't get me wrong. I still love Zen painting. It is my 1959 myopic view of Zen, art, and where I would go with it that calls for more. Especially the ending of the thesis, the conclusion. I said (or if time is different nows in space, I say) "men will always stumble over bumps and their thoughts return to them". Now for antitheses.

" No", I shout. Bumps!?. Why should my thoughts return to stumbling bumps? The thesis is a bump. Well actually, I'm still fascinated by footsteps and where I walk, but that process is far different than I foresaw. So different that it is the antithesis of the thesis.

Clarify terms? Let's go to the dictionary* for definitions:

Wholeo symbol

Enough definitions. Click the image to see the Wholeo symbol movie. In the visual, the circle is the thesis and the Wholeo symbol is the antithesis. Generally for Wholeo Online, what comes after the thesis is part of the antithesis. Some parts are the synthesis. Examples: Turtle, Footstep, Log, and Zen/0.

I will add antithetical facets as I realize them, in the sense of understanding and also communicating the differences between the thesis at the start and the antitheses along the way of this art journey.

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