Art in Silicon Valley - Antithesis, log

log insidelogTo the left, looking at a log from the outside. It is like a thesis log. To the right, imagining what it might look like from the inside.

From the inside, what does a log see? To get at it, sometimes art must be experimental, questing, chaotic, risky, uncontrolled, venturing into the unknown or the hypothetical. The result is uncertain, a hypothesis perhaps at best. It is the antithesis of the outside.

Since this is a personal, imaginative journey, it requires not only active participation but creating your own unique art experiences. I find mine, but these aren't programmed in. Interactivity exaggerates your varying responses on different days. Less control means greater freedom and open-ended possibility inherent in the setup. It makes user satisfaction of a very active kind. Pick from these choices:

For background on the log, see the Bristlecone Medicine Wheel (Station 11).

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