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Spirit Earth Arc

In the valley of the Nume, at Gaia point, spirit arcs down, walks on earth, and lifts off. Life cycles from birth to death. The arc storyboard and movie are dedicated to the liftoff of thousands of spirits that began when four planes crashed on September 11, 2001. As the world wars, prayers continue for the victims. Any prayer honoring this passage empowers the takeoff.

pathHere's an image of the life path. In the movie, spirit arcs down for a walk on earth at birth. Footsteps carry on through life. At death, spirit returns in arc and lifts off with blessings. We focus on the transition, but see the whole sweep.

Cycle through birth, life, and death in bliss with Spirit Earth Arc. Invite a path and give a blessing in the interactive movie. See the rough sketch. For background, see the Crowley Lake panorama (with photos by Leo Geary) and Gaia Point art. See an early footprint in the Path Through Weeds.

Press the Back button to go to the start of the movie. Press the Play button to play. To pause, mouseover the Back or Play button. Then step one frame at a time with a left or right arrow key or a mouseover a button. get flash icon Flash 4+ plug-in is required.

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