Imagine--Ritual Spaces, the Gaia Point

These pages are to give flight to your imagination. Ritual spaces are elements of virtual realities. They combine visionary and real spaces for imagination to dwell within and take off from. The Gaia Point is the Wholeo earth centering point. Or perhaps I should say, "a point". See also the Akashic Record index, for the connection to the undivided.

elementsI found an ancient lineup of my major power locations: Mt. Shasta, Owens Valley, California, Peru, and New Zealand. Drawing the ends of the line in to a point landed me there in Owens Valley between the high Sierra and the White mountains. I call it the valley of the Nume, after the native people.

For background on the lineup, see the Pangaea page.

The Gaia point goes back to the earliest Pangaea, when earth continents were closely clustered. Then Mt. Shasta, the valley of the Nume, the Cordilleras of the Andes, and New Zealand were all nearly the same point. Here's a vision of how it might look, visited through the Gateway of Dreams.

One reason for the ease of access in the valley of the Nume is that the trees of the Ancient Bristlecone forest, being perhaps the oldest living beings on earth, best remember what has been before, for transmission to us.

At the Bristlecone Medicine Wheel (BMW), you meet great ancient spirits. Together we'll be much more effective. The synergy makes the BMW kind of like eyeball of earth, because each Bristlecone spirit is far ranging and has ties to all earth, earth spacetime that is. For specifics, see Gaia point 0.

For a look around the valley of the Nume, see a Bishop airport (QTVR movie). You can see that this place between two high mountain ranges is remote. Also, see art , Not White Mt, blue energy expressions, and others linked from Gaia point Ritual Spaces art. For views of the celestial sphere of stars from the center of earth, see Eye of Gaia.

Are the words "power point" meaningful to you? Think of a place that inspires and empowers you. Even if it is a place you visited long ago, is it possible to rekindle the surge of energy and well-being that you felt there? An outer gate is a place where it is easy for people to reach energy and information emanating from an inner gate. That is, an earth power point that is inaccessible or difficult to reach in some way. There is an outer gate for the Gaia Point in Silicon Valley, called the "Gateway of Dreams". Visit there in pictures and movies. See the Bristlecone Medicine Wheel stations at the Great Spirit Path.

The background photo is taken from about 12,000 feet in the White Mountains overlooking the valley of the Nume, with the high Sierras in the distance.

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