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Bristlecone Medicine Wheel Story, Chalfant Rite

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These pages are records of trips taken on the search for the whole self, visiting the ancient Bristlecone forest. Chalfant is the name of the area in Owens Valley north of Bishop. There are a few settlers and ancient ruins with pictographs and rock art, some dating back 5,000 years.

This page tells about finding a path in the valley. Specifically, it is for a rite of passage for Leo Geary, on September 27, 1992.


The details of this composite picture are large JPEG images. They include: footpath 1,2, 3 and the valley overview. These are on a separate page so you can have both visible at once, if you like.

The sound mound, with the cave for Leo, is down to the left. You can see it on the other page. Here's what I wrote when I saw it last year.

The flat road ends at a group of rocks or small hills. The beginning rock has graphics and the score marks that are in my book of rock art. Then come niches which are for fertility or cradles like the cave dwellings. Maybe miniatures, like creches. Twice felt hollows within under my feet.

I walked up the niche row and around to the left. Saw foot prints. One of long toes that looked like bigfoot. These arranged as if walking. To the left smaller footprints, landed from the sky and took off to the sky. I stood in the prints and was facing the end of the valley, where sky meets earth. The open end, the south. I photographed these to study. Very moved.

Then came around and saw crazy rocks, like aggregate. Saw rock pointing from summit at sky, and a round cave underneath. Decided that I knew all about these and activated them for the Bristlecone Medicine Wheel.

From top could see that the whole thing is either bays, horseshoe shaped or arms out like a starfish. From the bottom, Saw caves about a person size. Some very egg-shaped cavities I couldn't photograph because they were too dark.

Then I saw a dome shaped mound at the end of the left (when facing from the front) arm. Was the resonator. It had many pictographs, as if carved over and over, not important what it looks like but that do it. I felt this was the drum and to be sounded. So I did the hi yah, a mo ga da, all around it. {counter-clockwise, starting between the arm and the dome mound. This is where the cave chosen for Leo is.} For the wheel. Imagine how the sounds from the drum would affect participants in the caves throughout the ruin.

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