Caroling, Life Timeline

Welcome to Caroling's timeline, inspired by the Hippie Museum. Here is an exhibit.
0. 1934-1954 Early development (Timeline 0) led to trip to Europe where finally decided to become an artist.
  1. 1953 Heard Buckminster Fuller talk
  2. 1954 Went to Europe and decided to major in Art which changed my intellectual and social life. Worked at the Bureau of Engraving pasting up yearbooks, which was my first art job. See more about this time with George Resch.
  3. Met Jean Harrison who became my best friend. We hung out in a Chinese restaurant in dinkytown, the "coolest booth in town". When she saw her dad die, first psychically on TV and then rushing out to the snow shoveling sidewalk, I moved to her house for awhile. That was my first living away from home. When Jean recovered from grief in a few months, I moved back home.
  4. 1956 Graduated from the U of MN B.A. Summa Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa.
  5. What to do with an Art degree? My best talent was school, so I continued in the Master of Fine Arts graduate program. The head of the Art Department, H. Harvard Arnason had created an innovative MFA degree for studio artists and hired some fine teachers. I spliced film for Alan Downs as a teaching assistant, studied photography with Jerome Liebling and then ventured into printmaking with Malcolm Myers, painting with Cameron Booth, water coloring with Jo Lutz Rollins, sculpture with Philip Morton, and ceramics with Warren MacKenzie. Moved near college with a roomate.
  6. I finally understood what Cameron Booth was trying to teach by looking at his painting in the Art Institute's biennial show. It had won second prize. He let me buy it for half price. I still have it, "Crystals of Earth and Sky".
  7. The winter of 1956-1957 began chaotic emerging and changes on my path. Would Van Gogh get an MFA in Minnesota? No? Should I? Maybe? Finally I take responsibility for my own education and stop "going to school".
  8. Move to SF, North Beach, Richard Brautigan. Beat Poets. The Place. City Lights books. Coit Tower. Filbert St. West coast artists.
  9. Sat at the Zen Center on Fillmore St. once. I could sit, but why? Working as a busboy was not for me.
  10. Back to Minnesota, Arnason readmitted me to the U of MN art department as a teaching assistant. Reading Kerouac, Zen by Suzuki, and Tales of Genji.
  11. Fall of 1957 Jack Tworkov's graduate art seminar was seminal. He encouraged us to critique each other's work, answering the question, "What is the artist trying to do and how well did s/he achieve the goal?".
  12. Winter 1957-1958 How become an artist in Minnesota? Move to NYC, following Tworkov, Abstract Expressionists. But working in a Brooklyn lamp factory was not for me.
  13. Summer, 1958, back to Minneapolis, must get that degree to survive, singing Pete Seeger songs with Mickey (later Mickey Frickdahl), doing ink paintings. Readmitted to U of MN after promising to stay. Studying oriental art with Mather and doing Zen painting.
  14. Fall 1958 as teaching assistant, taught beginning drawing. Lived with Mel Geary, had art gallery, and married him in 1960, had child (Leo Geary) and divorced Mel in 1961, singing and dancing with Harry Belafonte.
  15. Winter, 1959, I guess for my beatnik tendencies, lost the TA job. Robert Pirsig got me a job designing educational books through his ties as technical writer.
  16. Fall, 1959, rehired as TA and taught Art for Architects class all year. Finished the two theses required (painted and written) and got MFA in 1960.
  17. 1961 Love me Tender and Do the Twist. Be a stained glass artist for money. Be mother. Have one-woman show at Walker Art Center.
  18. 1962 Move to NYC with Mel, then separate from him. Found the Mel Greenland Studio (an atelier, welcomed artists). Work at Rambusch Decorating Company (church art) and then do stained glass free lance as art.
  19. 1964 JFK rock and roll death, All you Need is Love.
  20. Huxley Doors of Perception and LSD 1, everything ringed and rounded in rainbows.
  21. Experiments in Art and Technology (EAT), or was that later?
  22. Genevieve who lived upstairs from me on E. 10th St. introduced me to The Serpent Power, Bhgavhad Gita, Upanishads.
  23. Living in NYC, longing for the sun.
  24. Quit smoking after 14 years, I know all about it, don't need it
  25. One person show of drawings and paintings at Gramercy Park Gallery and a glass panel at the Museum of Contemporary Crafts.
  26. 1965 Move to California, we all live for the sun. Worked at a stained glass studio in Altadena CA for a few months.
  27. Leary, drop out, SF, Haight Ashbury, Golden Gate Park.
  28. 1966. Live at 1090 Page where Big Brother and the Holding Company got its start. Make Love Not War. Stained glass commission for Tusler residence front door panels.
  29. Hall of Justice Art competition.
  30. LSD 2 - Tweezle Wootz
  31. Fillmore, Big Brother, Grateful Dead in GG Park panhandle, Winterland, Both/And, Miles Davis
  32. Buckminster Fuller autobiography (I seem to be a Verb and Ideas and Integrities - remembered titles, not verified)
  33. 1967 Ouspensky and Gurdjieff. Move to Haight St. and Laguna St. at invitation of big brother of the band member, Rodney, who handmade violins.
  34. Soleri - ArcoSancti
  35. What do I really want to do? Stained Glass, Liberating the Handmaiden.
  36. Be-in GG Park. Last LSD 3, just trippy illusions. I get better highs on my own, don't need drugs.
  37. Shire school, an alternative. Camping trip in High Sierras at 10,000 feet. Stained glass for Keith residence, Gateless Gate.
  38. 1968 Child needs father, move back to NYC, Staten Island.
  39. What do I see with my eyes closed? New art evolves.
  40. Another child with Mel, the love child, conceived on Mother's Day 1968, born on Valentine's day 1969. I'm getting happy at last.
  41. 36th time around the sun, I want to do the galaxy as myself.
  42. Castaneda, Whole Earth Catalog, Tipi Book, Domebooks I and II.
  43. Samuel Weiser metaphysical bookstore, Practical Time Travel, the Power of the the Rays.
  44. Did art most of the time: paintings, drawings, studies for stained glass dome, and finally 20 panels.
  45. Richmond College, Sociology, Alternative Studies teaching.
  46. 1972 Need not only sun, but cosmic connection in nature solitude, move back to California, living first in Berkeley where my son went to an alternative school connected with the University. My daughter went to a great pre-school.
  47. 1973 Found Monte Rio community refurbishing Monte Rio movie theatre in Sonoma county, north of bay area. Journal path mini-icon
  48. Visit Wheeler Ranch where see people living Whole Earth Catalog.
  49. Moved to Rick Miller's Harmony ranch at Forestville, back to the land, build Bump dome to live in while finish Wholeo, the stained glass dome, at Funka Ajar.
  50. Learn yoga and keep it up for life.
  51. 1974 finish Wholeo dome, where is our home?
  52. 1975 Visited Rainbow Ridge in Mendocino, can't be constrained by community commitment.
  53. Visit Colorado, Boulder. Hear Buckminster Fuller a second time and see his psychic aspects. Frozen out.
  54. Back in CA, climb Mt. Shasta with son and sister. The peak experience. Climb every mountain, follow your dream. Bob Pirsig gives me Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance and I don't consider his notion of me living on an island in Lake Superior.
  55. Buy a house in Monte Rio, put down roots.
  56. 1976 Wholeo dome open to public. Start doing black and white books as way to mass communicate ideas in the dome design.
  57. Son came to live with us full time. He joined high school Jazz band, learned bass and also played in JC symphony orchestra.
  58. Daughter went to grade school, alternative classes, Waldorf Summerfield, back to public school and a semester in Minnesota. Life changers: group therapy, dreamwork, spiritual healing, Women Writers group, spiritual community, Madrakara, start keeping journal and driving a car.
  59. 1981 Trip to Peru where time traveling personality component initiate leaves me at Machu Picchu. Shocked, who am I? Go into Electronics, getting a certificate at Santa Rosa Jr. College. Partly of course because Ronald Reagan government of California heralds the end of government support of hippies and education. Stored Wholeo dome.
  60. 1983 Move to Silicon Valley and work as electronics technician tuning yig filters for anti-ballistic missiles. Get TRS-80 portable computer and learn Basic programming. Become computer programmer.
  61. Daughter is AFS exchange student to Denmark and returns to CA junior college. Son graduates from UCSB, bicycles across USA, does Marine Biology research on thermal vent tube worms near the Galapagos.
  62. 1986 Escape military for fiber optic communications start up (Raynet) and thence to several related jobs as technical writer for computer industry.
  63. 1987 Son quits grad school in Utah and after bicycle trip in New Zealand, stays there.
  64. 1988 Purchase Macintosh II computer and begin Zen and the Art of Dividing by Zero as HyperCard stacks. Get SuperCard and can control everything about my computer with visual scripting. Worked at Wollongong, Altos Computers, Borland International, and Amdahl Corp.
  65. 1990 Neuromancer by William Gibson. Virtual Reality at Autodesk. Computer Lib by Theodore Nelson
  66. 1992 Adventure-loving son killed in sports accident. I begin Lost and Found funky art sketches, scenarios as therapy in apartment.
  67. 1993 Daughter graduates from NYIT.
  68. 1994 Interactive TV at Silicon Graphics. Jim Clark and many engineers in department leave to create Netscape. My first website sponsored by the Juggling site.
  69. 1995 Writing manuals for ITML, the web language HTML for ITV. A well-funded R&D project with input from international partners, software engineers from around the world, innovators in object oriented multimedia web serving to settop TV, on high end graphics computers is an incredibly creative and stimulating environment.
  70. 1996 Retire and trip in New Zealand following son's adventures and my own mystical trip as transition.
  71. 1997 Start Wholeo Online website, continuing life work as web artist.
  72. 1999 Daughter marries.
  73. 2001 Sell stocks, leave city, visit Eugene, OR and Florida.
  74. 2002 Move to NW Florida. At last a semi-secure place between State Forest, rare coastal dune lake and walking distance from State Park on the sea. Finally can see nature every day.
  75. 2003 Alicia Bay Laurel finds her name in my bibliography and invites me and Wholeo the stained glass dome to the hippie museum. So it is coming around again. Horrors of war to oppose and try to get it right this time. Imagine all the people, living ..... Start water sampling dune lake for CBA.
  76. 2004 Hippie Museum connects me with The Farm in Tennessee. Donate and install Wholeo Dome at The Farm School. Learn video from Martin Duffy. Daughter goes to work at 53rd and Fifth Ave. in NYC.
  77. 2005 Hurricanes.
  78. 2006 Grandchildren (twins). See also Looking Back.
  79. 2007 Deer Moss or Deer Lichen,
  80. 2008 Kayak and MindField and a third grandchild.
  81. 2009 Florida National Scenic Trail, become member. Start watching earthballs and earthstars. First all-day silent meditation on December solstice.
  82. 2010 BP oil spill disaster. Stop water sampling. Increasing need to combine video and visions. Meditation retreats on solstices and equinoxes, to continue through 2012. Started Florida Trail videos and project to document pioneering a new part of the trail.
  83. 2011 Pineal evolves. Dream of digital graffiti.
  84. 2012 Daughter's family and I celebrate July 4 in Wholeo Dome in TN. 60th high school reunion in MN. Matrix 2012 builds up to December 21, 2012.
  85. 2013 Shift Happens happening. Galactic Synchronization July 26. Galactic Moonbeam Mystsynthesis Event.
  86. 2014 Big finished projects: publishing Leo Geary Trans-USA Bike Trip photos, finishing Galactic Beam Being movie promised for Shift 2013, and cluster of videos for pioneering a new Florida Trail, the US 331 Expansion trail. I seem to be shorting out with the quick attention-getting photo adventures on Facebook (for me and for my art), where friends are so supportive.
  87. 2015 Followed full moons all year.
  88. 2016 Integrating Carlos Castaneda's Magical Passes into my life and Carolyoga practice. As a transition, adventured on Old Age Retreat 2016, a mystical camping trip (OAR16).
  89. 2017 Online, Facebook becomes increasingly a daily hangout. Enjoy posting reports from summer sunrise walks and winter hikes in the forest to my group "I <HEART> Deer Lake State Park".
  90. 2018 Developing visions for Woman's Kundalini, channeled at the Outer Solstice 2017 and continuing to evolve.

Sunset through fog cloud at Topsail

Deer lichen (Cladonia leporina) at Topsail

Cook stove color aura

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