Bump seen from Wholeo


Bump was a dome, up for nine years. As shelter, it served as a place to live for two people for two years while I finished the stained glass dome Wholeo. Later, as a garden space, the aluminum tube frame overarched plants for another seven years. The picture above shows Bump seen from within the unfinished Wholeo. (See a larger photo.)

I planned, created, and lived with it. Only gradually I learned the significance of its form. The geometry has become the basic framework for imagining evolution of consciousness structures. As such, they underlie layouts for mindspace: for example, in the evolutionary stage and color healing. The Light Body book tells what I went through. Specifically, see the tube frame diagram.

Why spin its story here under Trips/Imagine/RitualSpaces/lostNfound/EIE?

The Bump story fills gaps in my Art pages, between Staten Island and Monte Rio, from 1972-74. Track back (at the bottom of the page, under "Return in 1972") or forward in the Art/Glass section.

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