Expansion of Consciousness model, the EIE

These pages are to give flight to your imagination. The Silicon Valley, CA, rooms were called "Lost and Found." The structure of linked rings in the middle is an EIE.

An EIE shows five ordinary brain cells linked to function as a 5D consciousness structure. This walk-in model of an EIE is the subject of a panorama created for Wrinkle 2 equinox and Earth Day celebration. Revisited for Wrinkle March, 1999 equinox.

What is it? Just 12 hula-hoops connected as a dodecahedron? Is that all? There's more than meets the eye. See the 20 triangles formed where the rings meet? The triangles relate to inner tetrahedrons that have a lot to do with the synergy implied by this form. See the underlying idea and Bump, living space, references. In the 20th Century, I hoped to explain it better. Meanwhile, you might just enjoy looking at it and ignore what I say it means.

EIE model

In 2018 my visions of the Expansion of Consciousness model have expanded to EIEnor. Specifically Carolyoga Noosphere. Note that I still circle arms as hula hoops.

See a huge close up model. March, 1998, Wrinkle 2. And, Wrinkle March 1999. Cross-references to EIE.

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