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Carolyoga - Understanding Noosphere

Within Carolyoga, I practice honoring an overall structure of consciousness, the synergy of five expanded brain cells. Through this action, I connect with the Noosphere, our interconnected consciousness all around, over and in earth. I've touched on this in previous parts of But I haven't shown the action. Here are some stills that show phases of the process.

Root2Crown spirals Honoring each of 12 faces of dodecahedral aspect of EIE and EIEnor

Metatron2Seraph spirals Extending spiraling circles both ways to opposite pairs of pentagons along the core coils, 6 altogether

Movie of Circulating Both Ways - CarolYoga Practice, imagined in Fuller Dome Movie of Circulating Both Ways - CarolYoga Practice

Understanding Noosphere in Overall EIEnor consciousness Glowing in Noospheric or Wholeoospheric awareness

5 brain cells 5 brain cells expand and synergize, forming EIEnor, structure of expanded consciousness (see all)

5 grayscale cubes expanded to EIEnor 5 grayscale cubes expanded to EIEnor

WholeOOsphering WholeOOsphering

Woman's Kundalini drop to wOs (wholeOOsphere) Woman's kundalini drop to wOs

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Part of carolyoga daily routine.

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