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5 brain cells expanded animatedIn 2013, EIEnor appears. 15 years after the EIE page got started and 33 years after the basic insights into native structures and expansion of consciousness, I find EIEnor. It is beyond the EIE, or expansion of consciousness model, yet more direct. EIEnor is simpler than EIE, yet has more unknown dynamics to explore and to be revealed. In spring, 2013, EIE looks obsolete. In time, EIEnor will probably replace EIE throughout the site.

An EIEnor is a structure of expanded consciousness. In a person, it combines five standard brain cells into the creation of 12 pentagons with transformational qualities. An image of an EIE with geometry like these images is the climax of the introduction you can take on entry to the Wholeo Online site. For a description of standard brain cells, see Wonder in Aliceland, specifically this section. The EIEnor figures in evolution, too.

The topics on this page are the kinds of links to movies, carolyoga, drawing, color, models, geometry, and weBlog.


Due to insights reported on March 5, 2014, I have to remove the brain cell parts from these graphics. that means the crosses, rod ends and vibrations. Or simply the squares should be blank with no patterns. The color-coding, to differentiate five expanded cells remains as needed.


On July 26, 2013, see Galactic Synchronization 2013. On the full moon of January 15, 2014, see EIEbing at Galactic Center. On March 26, 2014 see 5 Cells Expand into EIEnor followed by April 11, 2018 The Geometry of Expanding Mind. 2019 5D Brain Cell Yoga Mat.


Carolyoga Noosphere or wholeOOsphere


EIEnor opened flat.


Color healing from within an EIEnor 5-brain-cell layout.


EIEnor model.

Noosphere net.


An EIEnor.

weB log

Chronological entries: Discovery on April 23, 2013. Studying symbol April 26. Named EIEnor April 27. Considering colors April 28. Pages to change: May 09. Healing layout: May 10. Triangles: May 14. Continuing focus on EIEnor development from May 15 through May 30. Color Healing history: June 6. Many successive entries following. Continuing in 2014.

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