EIEbing at Galactic Center from Caroling Wholeo on Vimeo.

EIEbing at Galactic Center

On the full moon of December 17, 2013, the Eyebing reached the Galactic Center. The weB log entry of 12/11/2013 says I won't know the new functionality of EIEbing until the solstice. However, that was between. On the new moon of January 1, 2014, I cleansed in a sacred spring. Renewed, I bathed in a galactic stream of energy channeled through the starlight of Sirius, adding to the Galactic Beam traversed by EIEbing.

From then on it is as though the EIEbing galactic consciousness was maturing. Web log entries touch on the process. On January 14 I'm finally able to feel the EIEbing sending and receiving vibrations at Galactic Center. The Web Log entry says "I suddenly felt like Wholeopen in gut and the vibes coming and going from my body. Is that the ultimate of the Galactic Beam Being? Sorry heart lovers, it is the tan t'ien, the hara (tanden in Japanese)." Mystsynthesizing.

The movie shows EIEbing in action. Tonight the full moon concludes The Galactic Moonbeam Mystsynthesis Event.

See the movie on YouTube or Vimeo.

Note: CST is -6 Universal Time (UT).

January 2014 Full Moon.

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