Mystsynthesis from movie: "Shift Happens 2013"

Mystsynthesis 2013

On the December Solstice, 12-21-2012 shift happens and I mystsynthesize for the first time that I'm aware of. On 1-17-2013 I write about doing it. "Started feeling of communion with the deer lichen. Not only the spreading of vibes from earthball receivers, but my mystsynthesis blending with the photosynthesis. It is like speaking deer lichen. A language I'm not able to translate, but it is a permeable interface. Maybe more than language as is not just symbolic. Is evolutionary materials in a sense. Maybe something like hormones turning on keys in a cell. The word is neurotransmitter. This is more like psychotransmission. It is doing something with the inherent connectivity of everything. Creative, adaptive, evolutionary and fun. Do not negate importance of the fun factor in anything."

These quotes and links are to help define the word as channeled, intuited, and as the meaning forms.

2012-12-21 weB log entry. Mythsynthesizer. Mythsynthesis. That was the word. Is not to do with light but with myst as in mystery. So mystsynthesis. Is what we do. Had a thing with the vertical to horizontal (read on, there is more).

Same day: Mystsynthesize. Solid seems like it should be crusty. Sustenates.

2012-12-28 Myst and mist synthesis are something like photosynthesis in lichens/algae. Myster and Mistress do mystsynthesis.

2009-4 FAQ where I define photosynthesis in the role of alga in lichen. I introduce the words: symbiont, mycobiont and photobiont.

2009-4 I had insight into possible symbiosis with the photobiont and the mycobiont in Deer Lichen. See the movie PhotoBiont Dreams. See PhotoBiont Dreams, Text. Caroling senses my joy, my bliss, my closeness as component of enlightenment. I bring this to all photosynthesizing. Evolutionary thrust. Look into that as purpose enablers or directors of algae.

2013-10-18 on Galactic Moonbeam Mystsynthesis event page. Mystsynthesis is like photosynthesis of the galactic beam by a mysticbiont. In short, a being who is a mystic (or who is thinking and acting mystically) is a unit of living matter in a symbiotic relationship with the galactic beam. We could call it galacticBeamSynthesis but shortened it to mystsynthesis.

2010-1 On the role of deer lichen in broadcasting.

Here's a drawing showing breathing energies in and out Mystsynthesis 1978.

Hmm, maybe a human is a mysticbiont?

See LookInOut 2013.

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