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Update in 2014: This important year is full of holes. Many dates seem to be missing. I found that I needed to arrange the dates differently on Matrix 2012 journal excerpts and Matrix 2012 Visage journal excerpts pages. Today I'm adding links to those entries to fill in this weB log.


Today is the day-long silent Emerald Coast Meditation Society (ECMS) retreat. There are 8 30-minute meditation sessions. In between, I write a few notes.

Hand positionMeditation 3 notesMeditation 3. Shift happens. Really feel the expansiveness. 8, octahedron still here. Sirius, Magma, Tschiripaiya in vertical channel. She's back. Have denied her for so long. Maybe finally have room for her. {I thought she ascended. What does it mean to think she's here? Especially along with Warmi and Rosa.}

And the tail (refers to solid way of sitting cross-legged), with arms parallel on thighs, finger touching thumb and three fingers sticking out straight. The hand position (mudra) helps keep me awake and finding what is the least energy to maintain straight fingers. Also an etheric brace back, behind tail bone to floor.

Blue light interstices. Had a lot of blue light today. Once it kept rising and I could not make it stay put. If followed it, would always reappear below, but travel on up.

Here's how I led fun yoga. Infinity yoga. Imagine we entered a new era yesterday, have expanded consciousness and our bodies need new expressions. Invent a new yoga. Based on the old. But experiment. Try something different. Just follow to see what comes and if valuable, add them to our routine. You may or may not get it but you can do their own. It is “Modern Yoga” like modern dance.

I started out with drawing infinity sign, arms overhead. That grew to great sweeps down around towards the ground and way up on the other side, then down on that side and up on the other. It flowed into experiments. One thing I did was the qigong arm twist, grabbing at the out and bringing it into center. Did that turn into the aura healing? I felt a little waffle grid of energy that I broke up. Talked about combing it out, flinging off negatives, sensing the radiant, light, electrical and finally soft-like-sleep properties. With different hand movements for every type. The soft led to closer and closer patting all around and finally to a self hug.

The principle is to set the intention, know where you are going and your expectation with the stretch, reach, direction of the position. Then do it. Then feel the benefit. These steps I had talked about before in my yoga. But added the letting go of everything, hands, arms, body, just flop down. And then see what is left. I did this principle in a side bend. Reach right arm over head, left arm down, go as far as able. Breathe into it. Maybe go a bit farther. Then let go of everything except the waist bend. Hands, arms, head and neck dangling.

Big feature was the three coordinates, which I introduced as applying math to yoga and our space. Swing arms outstretched, defining the x, y, and z axes. Mentioned the New Zealand Maori women's hand flutters. Then emphasized going both ways, do both sides, the principle of balance between opposites and not favoring one side.

We did the child and the lion poses. At the end I was out of ideas so asked if anyone else had any. They offered several classic poses. Tracy brought back the infinity sign, saying it goes both ways, doesn't it? I hadn't thought about that and was most pleased, intrigued, and involved in that investigation. When took the break, I drew it. And for sure, yes indeed. There were other suggestions for poses but I stopped it saying let us do the corpse for a minute to close before the end of the session. They didn't want to stop. They all loved the corpse.

Another verification came when Carla hugged me goodbye, whispering that I inspired her during yoga. Later David said it was qigong yoga that I did. True enough. Nancy asked me when I had come up with it. I had no answer. I just let it come. Much more could be done with it.

infinity sign directions can go both ways


Birthday, solstice, and culmination of 2012 intensity. See photos. Schedule:

What was my dream? I think it was indistinguishable from my daydream. About wonderful events. Woke up and got outside before 5 to focus on the solstice at 5:11. The purpose was to connect with expanded consciousness of all people as the galactic center aligned with sun and earth. Decided to walk to lake instead of bridge. Two giant spotlights disturbed the dark, but could see Mars and stars. Realized it was not about space whatsoever. Got back inside at home on couch with eyes closed. Had a point of light encounter and a meeting with some presence very like a warm friendly feminine energy person. Had light orgasm which was a spasm with light. Had a full body meditation orgasm. And lots that I have forgotten.

Mythsynthesizer. Mythsynthesis. That was the word. Is not to do with light but with myst as in mystery. So mystsynthesis. Is what we do. Had a thing with the vertical to horizontal (read on, there is more).

At 5:50am drove with Nancy to Watercolor. Joan and Leslie were already at the top of the crosswalk. We set up in the sand. All the white sand was closer to the bluff. Apparently a storm wave had darkened the flat part along the edge of the water (about half the depth of the beach from dune to water) where we sat. Gigi, Carla and David showed up.

"Galaxy gal", I called myself when trying to explain my galactic orientation and inspiration. The waves on the horizon were marvelous. Loved the birds flying at/over us and dancing on the horizon. Sun came up farther to south than we thought it would. In vision, I got a movie of the letter W coming down and rotating ccw to be M. Y is the vertical energies. I believe in the noosphere. I believed that Arguelles was here/there and that we (earth's humanity) got the pulse of higher spirituality but we missed it. About 10 minutes later got that we would get it in our way which is different than predictions, speculations, expectations.

We imagined that Panama City was our stonehenge.

My cells really like it when I stop delineating the carol constellation and get into the real connectedness that we are. The Y morphed to a T. The T split into legs and the crossbar became the H. Then the free-flowing form of S ness And a chant of A. Which showed the Wholeo Symbol became like X. The bars lost their curves and stiffened into straight lines. And gradually opened to the sides. The Wholeo sign changed polarity. That is shifted. Turned 90 degrees ccw. So cups facing left and right instead of up and down. Maybe that's my contribution, to visualize a shift that might be told some other way by others. {Note, I'm working to transmit the visions surrounding and focused on this day in LookInOut 2013 Shift Happens.}

The sun marked the galaxy center. In vision, I went there and saw galaxy in touch with all the suns and planets and all. Saw how it was just a constellation picture too. Nothing real about the way we see it, which pleases mythmaker. Mister myster. The MYSTer. Wow. And the Mistress. MISTress. So it is gold over blue.

At one point a grain of sand beamed light to me and I thought of the summer in the snow at Mt. Shasta with LeoElo spirit ashes there. Same same thing. Nancy was cold until the sun appeared when she instantly got warm. We honored the multiverse and the earth that supports us.

Gigi saw a poppy last night. As I had before. Earlier in the morning I went through a whole transformation of my hurt feelings about Nancy who had just walked (which I thought she would say) but she just said “I pass”. No pictures or thoughts. And I completely forgive and understand why she didn't want to play and tell us about that. I realize I refuse to play and tell why over and over again. She is so generous and considerate. She is wonderful special Nancy who gave me a confetti seeds color card for my birthday. I certainly am happy. I told her how I felt.

Ate. Got picked up by Leslie and Joan and went off to the labyrinth. (See labyrinth background.) Anne came and we had a marvelous time. Leslie said I had a strong vibe every time we went past, that Anne and Joan didn't have. Like another dimension. And she felt she was me. I'm not sure exactly or even remotely what it really means to her. But she was very impressed with my state. Which verifies to me that I did get transformed.

The beginning all the way in to the center was about aura cleansing, taking out knots and impurities, wavering hands, qigong. I felt the nerves running out, the connecting nervous system to all the cosmos.

When I stood in center of labyrinth there was a great vertical shaft, like the opposite of "between a rock and a hard place". This was between magma at earth core and a star above. Between the black hole and a far star. Freedom. Janis Joplin sang, "Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose". But that wasn't it. I was feeling a complete feeling of freedom, not of the lack of restraints or constraints. I've lost the definition, but I do remember freedom as purposeful action.

Coming out, the insight was about being born. The tunnel in rock like a cave with no end, kept following and saw light sometimes but no end. I felt it was a birth canal. How I want meditation to go on. I fear changes all the time, but when change inevitably happens, I always love it afterwards. I heard this big revelation that I haven't been born yet. I can't have a rebirth because I'm not born. Thinking about whether I have to push for it and make the birth happen or if I'm passive and my mother bears me, pushes me out. Or what was the third possibility? The end result was that being born is not a state. Being born is happening all the time, continually getting born. Borning.

Here is the text from the morning video, sitting on couch saying

"Mystsynthesize. Solid seems like it should be crusty. Sustenates. I tried to walk down to the lake. Irritation at lights blinded me. What is the purpose? They were all just as connected as I was to anything else. Came back here. Closed my eyes. My toes wanted to be in on it. Greater connection, kind of like a picture of a constellation, construct, story. Little presence. That knows how to speak me. Like saying 'hello, how are you'? Light and shadow are not where it was like. Point of light. Orgasm of body cleans. Kin. Kingdom. Felt crying so intense emotion. Strange like last night like concrete bond. Set an intention.

"5:06 So happy. So happy to be here. So grateful. Had this experience connection. (Hear clock ticking) Sounds from the solstice. Ardent. Same feeling I had in Peru. Event. realm place. Higher mode that I'm not ready for. Or I'm ready in some way that is beyond my understanding.

"Last night I was having some visions of the vertical to the horizontal. The vertical doesn't spread out on the ground. More like it spreads out in the vertical. The male-female opposites. Feel one direction. Can't feel the center. Have to feel the other direction, so that you can feel the center. Which is it. It's not spread out like that. I used to have a sense of vertical that I can't sense now. I think I've gone beyond that. I believe in the solstice point. I believe in the new age. I think we've changed and we can only remember or hypothesize what it used to be. (Sounds like I said, "Like magenta chloritza". What is that? One link said Chloritz slate is found associated with micaceous shist on Shetland Island. Meaningless to me now.) Myth. Myth synthesize. Take the myth and create something with it. That's the kind of beings we are. It has to do with mystery and myst and mist. Not so much myth. Those kind of stories wind us up. This is what freedom is."

Here are notes on the video after walking the labyrinth. I'm talking about Alex Grey's painting of nerves going out into space. Also when walking, doing aura healing or letting it do it to me. Then felt like going through stone. Like birth canal. Got to center and it said that I hadn't been born yet. Then at center there is no more being born, it is always being born. Leslie talks about my vibration, she makes the hummingbird sound. Then when we hug, I can hear the vibrating hum on the movie for several seconds. Not sure if it might be a pump or have some exterior physical explanation.


The Visions on the Night Before A New Era presentation went well. We watched the Matrix 2012 movie, then acted it out. After the Walking Meditation there were a lotus and a poppy as flower blooms with each step. Many people had interesting, creative, and varied visions. One of them was like a short story in vivid detail. Another was a therapeutic breakthrough where previously terrifying visions became welcome and wonderful.


I am water. First I felt the water in the air that I saw as fog and that dripped on me having collected on tree branches above. And I thought of the Deer Lake spirit Darla that had been so open to the air and water with the fog blurring all distinctions between gulf and lake and cloud. Walking towards Ester feeling the sticky footprints and then the blooms at each step were also as though I were on giant stilts walking on water underground. Never before that I can remember had I sensed the water flowing underground between the gulf and the lakes through sand was also flowing between the lakes. And that further underground, the Floridan aquifer. And below that oceans. Every footstep is an island, a water lily, floating bloom. And of course I'm mostly water, so was completely water whole consciousness.

Also singing lots is breathing out longer than in.


DNA is an informational macromolecule like RNA and proteins. Most DNA molecules are double-stranded helices.

Suddenly see much more clearly why lichens are so difficult because they bridge two kinds of organisms. Suddenly it seems to me that this third strand of the DNA is lichen-like, incorporating or relating to fungi and algae and having some sort of relationship to light like algae. Is like solar-energy project for DNA rather than carbon fuel. Hmm, does have something to do with the different facing of 3' and 5'? But the idea that light is involved seems to light up the “Light Body” notion that is prevalent and was with me so intensely for so many years.

Should I be saying triple-stranded rather than 3-strand? At the ends of the chromosomes are triple-stranded structures called displacement loops made of telomeres. Help with replication. There is a page on triple-stranded as it was disqualified as a model for existing DNA. I think I'll keep using 3-strand as a small way of distancing from the three twist vision/model.

Tiny color radiants, so far away that all that I can discern is swarming like those great balls of fish in the ocean movies. Light blue in color. Everything in me is screaming with excitement, elated, almost highly over-stimulated, almost choking with effusive joy.


Backward cause and effect. Seems like a bad taste at the root stem end of salad piece and I thought how instead of me getting the disease, I could transmit health back in time and place to heal the disease. The effect of one arrow of time reversed to be the cause.


Early morning vision within: rays, like from palm leaves, with the little globular disks circulation maybe? When driving had a bulgy view, like the back of a tuba horn or the ventilation tube on the old Cunard line boat I took to Europe in 1954. Or hood of cobra. I would have to draw this. Feeling that this is coming up from the spine behind the neck and head. Ooh with blue light dart coming to center, concentric magenta surround flaring to green antique gold, really a yellow ochre, so it is gold but not too much lighter than the magenta. The blue kind of flame shape is the bright light of the coloring. That blue color is definitely at the back of my neck where the spine leaves the shoulders. Such a healing, arresting, wide-opening grand sound feeling. There are little iridescent quivering feathers on long flexible shafts, making suggestion of a halo crown.


For about a day now have felt that my circulatory system is not limited to my body anymore. I'm actually feeling that mesh of blood vessels growing out. Maybe like mycelium. Maybe like rhizines or roots. It is reddish and finely branched. I've never felt this before. It feels involuntary. It feels like I'm a galaxy person, as much growing this as receiving some kind of reach out, magnetism drawing me. More important there is a medium wherein to propagate that wasn't here before. It is like moisture for seeds. Like the elements were within me and without me. … Maybe rephrase that elements existed but something about the environment is building is augmenting. It could be much different than that, that is I could see it much differently. Like the life force that I am is expressing itself differently. I am so doubting though. Am I feeling this just because I've read about these kinds of expectations? I've read that we are evolving and our bodies are changing. So I have no way to know how much I'm just creating these sensations because I love a good story. It is pleasurable to be sure. Everything I write and think seems only winkingly blinkingly momentarily true. Everything is changing.

I think I'm being more of a colored light being. I feel these colors, kind of like large six-inch cotton balls or hovers of blue and yellow mostly. The globs of colored light actually building something in my body. Receptors. Not sensors. Storage? Further adventures of the body, a peculiar granular filling going on, not too small, maybe like 3/8” or 3/4” long ovals.

Every time I look within I see vast changes. Just now a flow of aqua light crystalline water flowing away from me but rather up away from me. I feel able to reach out with kind of grabbers or hand-like apparatus and capture that flow for me within. A very tactile experience. There is a strange situation here. My cells or ground of being is captivated by new possibilities but whether or not that has anything to do with the “I” that I identify with that was born as a baby here on earth is a complicated question. One possibility is that I'm creating thoughtforms for manifestation and still stay the human being that I've been experiencing and working out for these years. Another possibility is to find a way out and die and go tripping on some other way. Another is that this is artwork, fun creativity fountains of joy that are for their own sake. Just trips.

In afternoon, seeing golden more yellowish highlight circles disc globs coming into me in a double row from above. With very light pale blue background, between the discs. Kind of disappear when in but sense that one or the other veer off to left or right when in.


When home from walk today suddenly got message that time for inaction is up. I need to use power of Sirius crystal to wake people up. They must become more aware and sensitive to earth's needs from the ground up. I need to be passionate about this. With power of being mother, of a Mother being, the way I brought up my children, convey need to be caring, compassionate, evolving consciousness beings. I am enacting this with my body. People just are not allowed to hinder humanity selfishly. It just is not possible. Everything looks like annunciation to me today. I actually feel like qigong energy pathways around earth and through earthballs and lichen and vibes, I am earth, I am Gaia, I could even be God, I have this power to make people feel happy in being sensitive to the whole in each and every thought and action. I do not feel separate at all. It feels like a cosmic nerve thing, a neuron healing the whole view of a black dark void space. Like plugging it in to reveal, activate, and energize the connections. It doesn't end with this little universe. It insinuates into the undivided, a perfect mirror of the divided, illuminated. That's what awareness craved is this wholeo caring.

2012-11-26 says: "According to Dr. Argüelles’ pioneering galactic time decodings, the time period between December 22, 2012 and July 25, 2013 is a germination period of the New World Age – an accelerated time of adjustment, integration, and regeneration. His work indicates July 26, 2013 as initiating “Galactic Synchronization.” 7/26/13 will be the next 13-Moon Natural Time New Year, marking the start of a vast new cycle in which we may finally comprehend ourselves as creative members of a Galactic whole." This resonates with me and I will follow it.


Wonderful happening in yoga last night. It was at the point where I've done the alternate nostril breathing to the gap design, crossed hands below earth front and back. Then clicked overhead in chakra 9. I usually then rotate arms and hands in five circles around me, above and below center, for the 10 WLBs in an EIE. Right is rotating ccw, left is cw. Body is turning ccw. Then I turn back cw rotating hands the other way. So each station gets rotated each way. Then I put right hand up and left down and do the double rotations for the crown and root.

But last night instead of the EIE, All 10 were done with hands above head. I turned, and there were 10 this way and 10 that way. It wasn't until the usual movement would be up and down that I realized something new had happened. It felt authentic and like an evolution, positive development that I must keep, honor and add to my routine.

Today while walking I remembered it and pondered that there are many times I do variations but they come and go and seem like dancing the way. What is it that makes a new significant movement stand out and have a sense of authentic value? Think that is related to Pirsig's talking about quality. In the sense that we just know. It isn't rational or emotional. But quality is relative. Is it true that what comes as big bang intuition and seems like essential is not relative?


Am going to yoga elements for 90 minutes of Gratefulness Yoga for our Thanksgiving holiday, donation based. 9-10:30am. Got up at 4:45 realizing these people in South America and this is preparation for the end of the year. Wanted to participate. Solara. Lit three candles and burned a tiny leaf of sage. Did the mudras with the group. Great qigong. Then at 5:11 sat in meditation. Laughed and laughed at how hilarious it was to have any process in time, which separates from the moment. And yet all is that. Saw thoughts come. Felt grateful.

At one point had a muscular spasm that I entered into to the point of cramp, but allowed it to completely gather me or whatever was my offering of now. We gather together. Is ultimate gratefulness to give up. In memory this kind of looked like a flexible wipe or fabric square. Like giving up the ghost. Or wiped clean. More radical than Tscheripaiya leaving. At least she was a walk-in and left the original me. But this took most of what I thought was me. Ironically contrary to the losing ego denial. It was very deep, seems like somewhere in there was a choice, at least one, where I didn't want to be all gone, didn't want to lose consciousness of a carol. I resisted or stood ground. Felt stripped bare to the bone.

At another point bubbles of Sirius star crumbles matured and being in essence of each or to each of ocho. Seemed to bubble up from a deep in earth kundalini.

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About aspect ratio. Pay attention to important living and ascension aspects and keep your natural organic ratios intact. As you become more green, earthy, eco-conscious and conscientious in relationship and caring for this world, you stretch out horizontally. You broaden your base. Take an equilateral triangle. As the base widens, the altitude increases. Metaphorically and metaphysically, maintaining your equitable ratio means your vertical spiritual aspect grows with respect to your greater down-to-earth aspect. Widen your hug and ascend. I should publish this to one of the Global Meditation sites.


New year's resolution: can I be mindful, caring, inspired and creative at once? Post this to wholeo facebook saying, this year the Wholeo new year that starts on the December solstice coincides with supposed Mayan calendar era of over 5,000 years with cosmic alignments, so we could consider it a new age. So how about a commensurate resolution for 2013? I'm doing my previous small-size resolutions, such as make my bed in the morning so even if I'm 6 feet from a spider, that spider won't be under the covers. And I brush my teeth and drink a glass of water on wakeup almost every morning.

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To continue with Matrix 2012, I need to restructure the journal entries chronologically. I'm keeping some of the links in the blog, which are in reverse chronological order, with the latest first, but linked to the content in the Matrix 2012 journal excerpts. Spelling confession: I have always thought, spoken and written exerpt (rather than the correct spelling excerpt). Spell checker google questioned my error, so I changed all mine, but I see by a web search that due to common usage, exerpt might be better.

2012-08-24, 2012-09-03


After weeks of vacation, I'm back. I have done a report on visiting Wholeo Dome, but there is more. Grand kids to the Appalachian Trail at High Point State Park, NJ. Grand kids to the Lincoln Science Center, NJ. Visiting an artist, Dieter Spahn, MN. TO DO: Exchanging Chi Quong with Joen Snyder for qigong with me, MN. Finding Ruby Lake Camp, MN. Visiting the Franconia Sculpture Park, MN. And so on.

Today I'm starting a page for the West High Class of 1952 60-year reunion. Links on that page.

I find myself wondering if to rest my eyes from the close-up computer screen, it is enough to look through the plate glass window and screen to the bushes mid-distance, the forest farther away and the clouds in the sky beyond. Or do the eyes merely transmit photons of image as transmitted by the glass plane? Is it more restful to open the door, slide away the screen and let my eyes grasp the wind and the photons directly bounced off the objects I'm seeing? My feminine soul seems to feel opening to the outdoors is the best. No doubt breathing fresh air is mixed with the effect. Or is this too semi-sciencey to be of interest?

I'm experiencing my 40-year old self-portrait painting as extremely beautiful. Do you see me (or it) or is it too far out? I'm reveling in the semi-symmetries of celebrating the 60th high school reunion and also being a child of the 60s when I was in my 40s and far out was the highest good. To reach, expand, touch the wholest of the whole.



(Note that the thread of the Matrix 2012 project started on 4/14/2012 is still in progress, continuing here, in journal excerpts.)

At spiral labyrinth during partial eclipse of the full moon at sunrise.

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Made a Google Map of the two locations: 1981 in Peru and 2012 in USA.

2012-05-25, 26, 28


At the Visionary Shamanism seminar trip.


2012-05-11 , 13, 14, 15


The shamanic act of 4-25 or Matrix 2012 project continues; the artwork visualization is in progress. Meanwhile I've also been publishing some new work with old sources: Digital Graffiti 2012 and Transparent Arts - Light Conditioning. I'm chagrined at the inconsistent, repetitive, unorganized nature of my website, developed over 15 years. Today was particularly disconcerting, facing three separate pages about the genesis of Wholeo Dome. I was working on the San Francisco Art page, finding the same story with minor variations in the Wholeo dome exhibit history page and the Wholeo dome guide history page. At this point I'm too interested in new happenings to tear down and rebuild such fubars. I must try to always link to existing work as I proceed. Another problem is updating javascript. Today I realized my "Recolor" buttons no longer work in Chrome or Firefox browsers. Why they work in Safari, I don't know if it is smarter or less secure. The javascript has to be slightly amended to assure the browser that the calls are within the wholeo domain. Of course they are, but we must speak to the browser in the newer java jargon. I haven't yet determined if the replacement code is on every page in my site or just the recolor page. Yet another problem discovered were several folders that never migrated from the old HostGator to the new GreenGeeks server. That is entirely my fault as I chose to do them manually instead of opting for automatic propagation, for some reason or unreason. I must do more checking. Todo todo todo todo.

Yesterday I found myself at pinterest so did a search on wholeo and was truly awed by the whole screenful of pins to the overall pictures of Wholeo Dome. Quick to start some wholeopin boards (there seems to be a wholeo user, wonder who?). Socializing with pictures, how could I have missed this delightful practice for so long?


Walked the labyrinth with others in a world wide ceremony at Unity Church. The 3Rs = Release, Receive, and Renew. These stages correlate with walking in, pausing, and walking out. More.

Put up the breathing between Peru and USA graphic (Educing a Strand) that I thought I did before, on Facebook.


Found a puffball that I thought might be an earthball by my mailbox. I've never seen one at this time of year. It is completely out of season.


I'm in a shamanic act where spacial aspects are rather aesthetic and with occasional lapses into non-linear time. It started a few days ago with a startling wakeup vision of a happening over thirty years ago. Now it was not as I have always assumed. The changed version is in fact of pressing current active importance. {Calling this the Matrix 2012 project and putting journal entries in Matrix 2012 Journal excerpts.}

See work in progress in Art/Florida/community/educe/Matrix2012: Matrix2012, Rosaspata, and educe.

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I needed to see how the models of a buckyball and an EIE matched up, so I created a new EIE expanded brain cell page in the Imagine/Geometry section. Or should it have been "expanded consciousness" (which I wrote in the last weB log entry)? Last week was the long gone Leo Geary's old birthday. His spirit seemed implicated in numerous synchronicities of the day, starting on a wonderful hike on the Garden of Eden trail in The Nature Conservancy's Apalachicola Bluffs and Ravines Preserve. The Florida Trail meetup has my photos and others from the group hike the previous day. So to celebrate, I published all the rest of Leo's New Zealand slides that I had scanned years ago. Last weekend I enjoyed a day-long silent meditation retreat honoring the March equinox. Afterwards I updated the qigong energy work page, looking forward to the June solstice event. The trail re-route movie is slowly and unsurely progressing.


I remember learning about fabric, that is, cloth, as a child. If pulled from top to bottom or side to side (that is at right angles) the cloth held its shape firmly. But if pulled from any corner to the opposite corner (that is, on the bias) the cloth would stretch diagonally, lose its shape and become distorted. I feel that we Americans politically have lost our grip on the right angles. We see the weaving of things with bias and can't understand each other or our interwoven threads anymore.

Luckily buckyballs have been found in outer space. Here's the article I read about it: Of course, my guidance, along with Bucky, helped me predict the shape of expanded consciousness, the EIE, in the 1970s, so I have long awaited this day. Let's go there. I do see that the geometric model of a buckminsterfullerene is based on nodes rather than circles, like the EIE. {See a visual comparison.} So while sharing the pentagons and hexagons of a buckyball, an EIE also has 20 triangles, representing the vertices of an invisible icosahedron. My feeling is that either the scientific model will need to add them to be complete or a buckyball synergizes with some other element to work with consciousness. With a little searching I found that there are other fullerenes, Bucky's being spherical. I like the implications of this quote, 'According to astronomer Letizia Stanghellini, "It’s possible that buckyballs from outer space provided seeds for life on Earth”'.

I'm stuck on re-routing not only the Florida Trail segment work events that I witnessed, but re-routing my brain and computer practice to express the experience as envisioned. I seem to need to learn After Effects because the Premiere Pro that I have recently learned does not have what I need. AE does, but despite having Adobe CS5.5 Production Premium software and following tutorials, I haven't been able to get myself and the two programs to work together as needed. Here's the start page for re-routing.


Haven't resolved the dichotomy of inner and outer. The conflict has been present as long as I can remember. Sometimes I see symbolism in the outer that expresses the inner well. As in the birds on the sandbar photo. In fact I know that they are the same but just seem to be different. I seem to equally love one or the other for itself, but can't give up either. My attempts to meld them are what holds my attention.

Not sure how the photos of my home taken with my new camera fit into that discussion. They are of my space and show what I like, so reflect inner values. But they are very thingy photos. The movie of the fish is outer no doubt, except peering into the lives of fish. Note that I intended to finish this last August as explained in the blog entry for 2011-08-31. I wonder if anyone besides me will look at the movie over and over until finally seeing the fish. It takes awhile.

I'm trying a new approach to meditation: standing. I sit, as I am sitting now at the computer, far too much. I need to arise as much as possible. Combining inner and outer (spiritual and physical practice) seems promising. Starting with five minutes, each day I add a minute, so as to develop gradually. On March 17 I'll do it for the day-long silent meditation retreat. Inspired by nature at Deer Lake State Park, see Standing Meditation, Tree-Wise video.


"Green, Green, I want you Green." Suddenly remembering a line from a poem heard when I first went to college and met the green readers in journalism and English. SIC, not green readers, I meant great readers. But today I'm feeling green from head to toe and all around. GreenGeeks is's new web host, and we are now 300% green! That means that for every watt of electricity used, GreenGeeks pays for 3 watts of wind power to the grid.

Ever since I moved not back to but forward toward nature in 1972, I've been green-driven. When I left New York via Berkeley, to camp on friends' land in northern California, I slept outdoors. I'll never forget waking, gazing up at the dawn sun lighting the tip tops of the trees, tall redwoods and Douglas firs. Illumination gradually greening down the canopy of branches to the forest floor. I began to wear green clothes and want everything green around me, all color choices green. Now I live on the Emerald Coast. Joy.


Finally Geome, as cosmic connector facilitated the finish of the Earthling Meet Earthballs video. It's choppy and kind of like a street poem, like the walking chantsong standing in for music. Most of the movie was done with Final Cut Pro, which died with my old computer last fall. I could not get my new video program Premiere Pro to work with the QuickTime movie that was the only living remnant of that work. So a combination of the relatively crude tools QuickTime Player 7 and iMovie came to the rescue. Audacity magically helped with audio patches. From now on, I'll only use old footage combined with my new HD widescreen video that is pure pleasure to work with in Premiere Pro. Technically, the future looks bright.

Watching TV French chefs adding chicory flowers atop plates of food, I remembered it growing wild in California. In my yard now in Florida, rosemary is blooming blue. Added to my breakfast makes it divine. The older I get, the more I learn to deepen the value of ordinary foods. Toast made from seven sprouted grains. Almond butter blended in Vitamix from sprouted raw organic almonds dehydrated. Tofu cubes sauteed in olive oil with garlic, sage, thyme, paprika, parsley, salt, pepper and lots of turmeric. Topped and buried in fresh organic cilantro leaves and flowers of rosemary from my yard. Too beautiful to eat the last bite. Here it is for you.Breakfast on 12-01-17


Geome foundThe Geome Journal is on its way, but not on a daily basis. It is proving hard to separate my own, Wholeo's, Caroling's journal from Geome, what the Bleep? Yes the spelling just changed under Lori's wish to have a wonder filled day - from Geom to Geome. I'm finding it extremely difficult to concentrate. Intending this morning on making Geome's journal fit to print, I wandered off to Global Meditations and found myself on a wonderful page for Universe Spirit. Meanwhile the local hikers Facebook page inspired me to upload a geocache picture and I'm wondering about the GPS coordinates. Stop. Couldn't do it, so now there's a new Pit page.

I'm lamenting not publicizing the Creek Path movie. The 3 minute long version has words in sound and text titles to let you know how to get on and off the path or direct others there, yet still shows what you'll find on the way.

Happy to create a new Pit page, where I try to pin down a definition of what is behind saying "this is the pit of the site" on Caroling's page.


Needing to start a journal for Geome, On a Daily Basis.

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