60th High School Reunion

At two parties in August, 2012, the class of 1952 that graduated from West High School in Minneapolis, Minnesota celebrated their 60th year reunion. I offer video, images, and audio recorded with an iPhone 4. The 5-minute video starts at the August 15 cocktail party at the home of Sally Irons Kamps in Edina. It continues at the August 16 dinner party at The Minikahda Club in Minneapolis. Images are on separate pages for the Cocktail Party, Dinner 1, Dinner 2, Dinner 3, or Dinner 4. Audio is of the speeches at dinner.

Audri and Sally

Audri and Sally tête-à-tête. Click for larger version.

As dinner was served each person had the opportunity to speak as we passed the microphone around. Here's what I meant to say.

Name was Carol Lind, married Geary, = Carol Lind Geary. Single in SF in 1966 reading Whitman's Leaves of Grass, “Caroling Free, singing our song ...” The letters flowed together and I took the artist name Caroling.

I last saw you 60 years ago at graduation where as valedictorian I gave a speech entitled “Human Relations in the World”. I don't know what I said. I ask, how have we/you done with that? From my experience and point of view, I feel that human relations are not separate from my relationship with my self so I look within and continue on the path to search for my whole global self. I feel that we are not separate from earth and I must honor Gaia or the wholeness of our environment.

From 1967 to 1974 I made a dome of colored glass to be surrounded in colored light for healing which is now installed at The Farm in Summertown, TN. Since retiring in 1997, I've worked on my website, wholeo.net about that vision quest.

Staying with Gretchen Walby Fogo, we remembered our band. I sang the base, bum bum bum. Gretchen sang trumpet, she became a Methodist minister. Sharon Flynn Olson sang drums, now on oxygen 24/7. My son later played electric base in the jazz band in high school and the big base in the JC symphony.

I came to this reunion and have renewed my Minnesota roots. I'm so happy and grateful to have been at West with you all. Drinking water is my medicine, so I propose a toast to the organizers of this reunion. Thank you!

West High stone

The West High School building is gone, but entry stones are at the corner of the site. Click picture for the original complete version.

Thinking of Elizabeth McCampbell Emmert's speech suggestion to think of the most important thing that happened in HS. I thought of the painting of Toledo by El Greco and going to Spain to see the setting. But that was in college. I am unable to remember a thing that was singularly important in high school. Unless it is Ms Palmer, my world history teacher saying, “the blacks are on the move”. She was speaking of apartheid in Africa, I think, unless it was current events presaging civil rights movement in the sixties. I guess it is important because it reverberated throughout my life. We are still moving. By now the concept of “blacks” has expanded from foreign “them” others, into my family, and most deeply to be the most occult, hidden, obscure and powerful shadow and soul parts of myself.

West High Owl stone

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