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His full name was Melvin John Geary. He lived from 1929 to 2007. He was my ex-husband and father of my children. I have kept quiet about him since our lives diverged, but in the last year of his life, some things resolved. He called me a "special person" and that's how I think of him. In the early 1960s, he announced that his color was blue. He chose blue. But he became quite colorful. I took colors from his latest paintings to fill these memorial pages. I pay tribute and give links.



My words are for the Mel Geary I was drawn to in marriage as a young woman and the one I continued to relate to although divorced, as father of my two children. Living at other ends of the country, I saw and knew of him less and less, so can't honor his path through maturity. Let's compare a young Mel Geary to my older father Iver Lind. There are two parts: how Mel Geary was like my father and how Mel Geary was different from my father.


My movies are from his last year. They show he endured, created a legacy, and made his transition. The last two movies have no sound, so I include Harry Belafonte movies from YouTube. These sounds are the ones I associate with Mel and his space because that's what he played in the late 50s and early 60s.

  • mel"Being in a Movie", April 2006 - on camera, Mel laughs about his part in a movie. Flash or QuickTime ( ~ 11 MB each)
  • studio"Mel's Studio", December 2006 - tour of the house that he had built and lived in up to the end, with paintings. Flash (30 MB)
  • transit"Mel's Transition", Summer 2007 - Mel leaves, wafting off up into the light. Flash (1 MB)



In chronological order, starting with the earliest.

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