Cocktail Party 0 Gretchen Gross Harris 0a Audri and Sally 0b Poster of clippings, Class of 52 1 Gretchen Fogo with her posters 2 Poster, West High Times clippings 3 Lou Harris 4 Green growing steps, seems symbolic 5 Getting a drink 6 Our organizer 7 Poster with class pictures 8 Looking down to the left of the balcony 9 Looking down in front, the pool 10 Looking down to the right, putting green 11 Looking down to the right, gardens 12 Vegetarian meal marker 13 Flag at center of balcony railing 14 Gretchen Walby Fogo, who created the posters 15 Poster, 'We will always remember' clippings Sheldon Kreisel 17 Sophomore year clippings 18 Betty Kreisel Joseph Shakelford, class president 20 Joe S 21 Minneapolis skyline

60th High School Reunion Dinner, page 1

August 16, 2012 at The Minikahda Club, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Click any small picture to see the original large version.

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