Caroling, Elizabeth and Fritz, and Leo

These pages are about my family, including myself, my children, and others. I've had visions of our births. For Leo, I saw the outer expression powered by cosmic forces. For Elizabeth, I saw the inner experience, powerful in itself. For me, I saw the prenatal and birth process in terms of psychic structures.


CarolingI live in Florida, USA. I tell my birth story in Wonder in Aliceland. I tried to do a birthday painting at age 77.

Here are some photos of me on a trip to New Zealand, in1996. Thanks to Jan Butler of Timaru, for taking the picture looking toward the Two Thumb range from Lilybank Station at Lake Tekapo. The wind was fierce. Thanks to Rangitata Rafts for the helmeted photo on a grade 5 rapid. Thanks to Ella Ross for the topmost portrait photo in Queenstown (also a windy hair day).

For other photos, see:

Elizabeth and Fritz

coupleTo record the inner experience of the birth of my daughter, Elizabeth OMlulu, I painted "Lamaze Birth".

In August, 1999, she became a marketing director and consultant. At the same time she got married, so now I have a son-in-law. He sent the digital photo.

For more about them and each of them, see these pages.


Leo My son, Leo John Geary, passed away in 1992, in a paragliding accident in the White mountains. Here is a poster by his friend, Richard Dunlap. He pasted leaping Leo, always up, over Leo's last photo of the mountains, where he fell.

See his birth painting (I created it in 1961). It won second prize in the Minneapolis Institute of Arts Biennial in 1961. But Leo won first prize with me. See stills from a movie imagining his last flight (1992)

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