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Leo in 1992

Leo lived an adventurous life from 1961 to 1992, when he fell while flying a parapente (paraglider) in Owen's Valley, CA. He was doing what he loved best.

During his life Leo moved from being a jazz musician, marine biologist, telemark ski instructor, ecology activist, runner, mountain climber, and cross-country cyclist, into being a successful computer graphics entrepreneur. His friends in New Zealand said in tribute, "Designer, climber, flyer, friend, he." Leo had come far towards his goal of having warm friends and was close to starting his own family.

This page is a place to offer his contributions to the world. It includes his art and writing. Many of the small graphics are links. The major topics are:

Memorial Flying Home Graphic Art Photographs Bicycle trip journals
leaping Leo graphic art photos writing

Many pages are about paragliding. An honor is the Leo Geary Memorial Trophy.

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