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Flying Free, Leo Geary

Flying Home

Here's a photo montage by a friend of Leo. The landscape is a photo Leo took from his parapente a few days before his fatal crash there in 1992. It is looking North over the Chalfant Valley alongside the White Mountains. The White Mountains form the Owen's Valley with the Sierras and Yosemite on the other side in California, USA. You can see the winding road up to Gunter Launch, the two white mining tailings and Cold Creek Canyon. That is where the parapentes, paragliders, and hang-gliders fly.

Tyrone cut out the flying Leo from a picture he had taken of Leo jumping on a trampoline in 1987. Tyrone fixed Leo forever flying in this photo that Tyrone calls "Flying Home." Here's what Tyrone wrote under the photo montage:


spreading wings of the soul

soar above with love and courage

let go of this world

be with god

And on the back of the poster, Tyrone wrote:

For Carol -
A tribute to my brother, who taught me as much about death in his passing, as he did about life while he was living. I am eternally grateful! Bless your soul! Fly on! And for the woman who nurtured him, mothered him, loved him --
Bless you and the wings of your soul.

They met in 1987 in New Zealand, in a remote part of the Coromandel pennisula, New Zealand. Tyrone was a skate-boarder, movie star. They were surprised to find out that they both lived in Santa Barbara, CA. Leo went to UCSB. Leo describes their meeting and travel together in his journal. See also A friend, on letting go of Leo.

Melvin J. Geary

Memorial paintingto Leo by Leo's father, Melvin J. Geary. (Alternate view of the painting.) A memorial print Nasturtium from a friend of Mel's. The card says, To Mel, In memory of your son Leo. For the passion and love and light that is a life--a flower... with my deepest sympathies.

Myst Meditation

The background graphic is a wall of water, rock, spray, and rainbows from one of Leo's NZ slides. Here's a page of it for a place just to look at be quiet in beauty. To return from the myst meditation altar, use the browser Back button. To the altar. See also Leo's Mother and the memorial service pages.

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