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"He goes on...and on...

This is the place that I loved him
and these are the friends that he had.
Long may the mountain ring
to the sound of his laughter."
~ from a song by Crowded House

Flying Free

According to New Zealand custom observed by Leo's friends, a memorial service happens at the same time as cremation. So while Leo's cells were vaporizing in Carson City, Nevada, USA, friends gathered in clusters scattered over the world. Groups of friends and family in England, New York, New Jersey, St. Paul Minnesota, and California kept vigil. See notes on Caroling's visions at the time.

buildingThe biggest service was at the Sign of the Bellbird overlooking Christchurch, the city where Leo lived in New Zealand.

These great friends in New Zealand made a wonderful video tape of the event. Here is what I can understand from the tape. The topics are from a booklet they prepared that lists the main events and words to readings and songs. I've edited the comments slightly for the WWW. These statements describe Leo in depth. Service for Leo.

This service took place on Saturday, October 3, 1992 at 11 a.m. in Christchurch New Zealand. The weather was a terrible storm all morning. But it cleared up and a parapente sailed over at the start of the service. The cremation and service in California was at the same moment but it was Friday, October 2, at 4 p.m. In Minnesota, 6 and NY, NJ, 7.

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