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Leo face For Mother's Day, 2007, here is Caroling's vision during the time of Leo's memorial service, October 2, 1992, in California, USA. He was cremated in Carson City, Nevada. Family and friends simultaneously held services in New Zealand, California, the midwest, and New York City. It includes the vision, place, and related items.


I saw a mushroom cloud of nuclear explosion. See Leo elo escape out from under the bottom and rise up like superhero or idealized form, glow magnifique, warm recognition, then metamorphose into very earthy buffalo. Strong horns, nostrils, deep brown fur, compassionate eyes.

Then a spiral coil expanding to larger than earth, as a column extending way above and below the earth going both ways, finally settling down, compressing from top and bottom around the earth's equator as a ring, looking sort of like Saturn's rings--but without the void lines--, for balance, equanimity.

Some nuggets or asteroids seem embedded in the ring. Maybe points with special qualities. Could be likened to weights used to balance tires on your car. But may be related to Elo's special character. During this time my body dropped away. I had no consciousness of it whatsoever. Numb tingling on return.

On my indian symbols card from the southwest, the Buffalo horns mean success, the Buffalo eye (the target shape I've always seen as a consciousness symbol) is alertness.

The above is a direct quote from my journal. Here is the sketch I did at the time:


Here is some background on "buffalo". In 1966, when Leo was five years old, we moved from New York City to California. A memorable trip was to Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, where we saw a herd of buffalo (or bison?), which had come from the Hearst castle. It was such a surprise to see these animals so informally and up close. In 1996, I revisited the buffalo herd in Golden Gate Park. As I watched, one detached itself from the group and slowly made it's way toward me. It came up to the fence and we gazed into each other's eyes, exactly as it had been in my vision of Leo's death transition. Because of the chain-link fence between us, I couldn't hold the head as in the vision. But the connection was strong. My son-in-law was standing beside me and got a picture. For me, the intensity of the being is evident.


Place in Nevada

At 5,000 feet above sea level, mountain high and open to the sky, the location is ringed with peaks, seeming a fine place for an ultimate TO (take-off in Leo's paragliding terms). It happened at the Fitzhenry Mortuary and Crematorium, 833 N Edmonds Dr, Carson City, NV 89701.

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