Leo poster, bison, and painted skull

Painted bison 10K-year-old skull with bison and Leo Geary poster with lightning zing in hair and spear-like arrow from eyes

Leo Geary and the Bison Skull

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Leo face On August 20, 2014 I, Leo Geary's mother, am having an out of body, out of time, out of mind kind of experience. Last night on TV I saw the zigzag image painted on a bison skull found in Oklahoma, USA. The PBS program said it was over 10,000 years old. I was riveted because I had seen that zigzag before. I had spent hours studying it, treasuring it, relating to it. First seen on the poster file left by my son on his computer in 1992. The little zigzag image in his hair is like the bison image reversed. That, together with my vision of the buffalo at the time of his cremation have served to keep me fixed on the synergy of these happenings and visions. I have just noticed that in the poster image, the arrow proceeding to the left of Leo's eyes could resemble a spear. Ever since Leo's death in 1992, I've had this image on my wall. I've always wondered about the arrow. Today I will meditate. I will look back in the journal to see what that ziggy zaggy lightning forehead image meant to me. Then I'll report back.

Links to the program and background sources: http://video.pbs.org/video/2365254939/ Bones of Badger Hole, http://video.pbs.org/video/2330301254/ Cooper Skull, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cooper_Bison_Kill_Site wikipedia info, http://www.snomnh.ou.edu/ Oklahoma museum site.

Leo zing and  weather image There are many journal stories and images relating to Leo's "head zing","hairzing", "zigzag","zig zag", or "zing flag". I found a similar shape in the lightning coming from the weather cloud that he used. The zing was similar the the rune for wholeness. I integrated the shape into yoga poses. The references are too personal to describe. I should say that today they are beyond my ability to describe. Maybe I can best see this day as a celebration of the fact that artists have been decorating foreheads with jagged lines for over 10,000 years.

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