Leo Geary service - Sign of the Bellbird on Summit Rd.

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The Sign of the Bellbird is a simple public shelter located along Summit Rd. The Crater Rim Walkway goes past too. It's on the eroded rim of an extinct volcano. Generally, these hills overlook the ocean to the east, Lyttelton Harbour to the south, the mountains to the west and Christchurch to the north. This public place is where friends celebrated his service.

The Sign of the Bellbird is near Leo's last home on Mt. Pleasant as shown in the background photo. Just go left up the bank behind you, along the ridge on Summit Rd. You'll see spectacular views all the way. Leo came here often. The southern alps seem to stretch from ocean into the distance. On a bright clear day, you can see all the way to the Two Thumbs from here, gateway to Mt. Cook.

Leo sent the photo. Mt. Pleasant

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