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Who are these people? They look like the kinds of folks that would come to the service, but I can't name them. Except for one. There's my old (young) friend Leo in the middle of the front row. See his blue pants, white tee shirt, dark glasses, bare feet in zoris -- that's him.

Someday I'll capture pictures from the video of the actual people at Leo's service. Now I welcome these guys. They seem to be individual, casual, sporty, fun-loving, well-behaved, and generally glad to be here.

My best guess is that this is below the gondola leading to the hill over Queenstown, New Zealand. Perhaps these are parapenters taking classes, giving classes, and flying with each other. Whether or not, for a scenic (and comic) view near the top of the hill, see Leo and parapente caught in a treetop over Queenstown. Obviously a friend took the picture. Thanks to you, whoever you are.

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