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Here are my parents and sister. My father was Iver K. Lind (1890-1979). My mother was Evelyn A. Lind (1904-1991). My sister is Mary White. See inherited photos. See Minnesota, 2001.
mother and father Evelyn A. and Iver K. Lind, 1934, about the time that they married. And so they became my mother and father. More about Evelyn. More about Iver. More about Ev and Iver (Ever).

Mary White My sister, Mary White, before taking off on a boat trip, March 28, 1993. At this point, she had lived on her boat for two years, mostly in Baja California. She headed out over the South Seas. As of 2001, she was half a world away from me, somewhere in Asia. In February, 1999, she made landfall in the Chagos Archipelago. (She landed somewhere in the middle of the Indian Ocean.) However, she returned to Malaysia before sailing to Africa and the Caribbean. Having read this account, she pointed out that there had not been a project to complete. From the start, I had assumed that she was sailing around the world. She didn't. But she did sail almost around the world, strangely enough. More about Mary.

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