Birth paintings for Leo and Elizabeth


Here is the Lamaze birth painting made for Elizabeth in 1969. Elizabeth came 8 years after Leo. My art had changed. Instead of wanting to paint everything I could see, I wanted to paint everything I could see with my eyes closed. In other words, envision. It is called the Lamaze Childbirth. What an amazing process. Her father was there and both of us really enjoyed what was happening.

In the painting, I tried to render the sensation as closely as possible to brain language. That is using neurons, colored vibrations, and intertwined message passing. Also, I wanted the most basic, primary, simple down to earth colors of red, yellow, and blue. But there is a little imagery. At the top is the womb, serenely poised above it all. From top to bottom, the painting follows the stages of childbirth, getting increasingly intense. Near the end, at the bottom, are several openings, representing emerging from the birth passage.

Compare the Leo birth, where the baby flies up, to the Elizabeth birth, where the movement is all down. Leo's is the cosmic overall view. Elizabeth's is the fleeting, inward view of the moment.

To explore deeper into the birth painting, follow the OMlulu process. It expands in Awareness. See the birth photo.

Leo John Geary

Here is the cosmic birth of Leo Gearybirth painting made for Leo in 1961. Leo's father and I were separated and I didn't think I should or could be a single mother, so it was a traumatic time. When Leo was born he was blue. The doctor said "breathe for him" and Leo turned nicely flesh-colored. I was so impressed. Then I started crying because I was going to have him adopted.

A few weeks later I saw a painting by Marc Chagall called "The Birth". It was red and had lots of rooms and people and his loveable things happening. That inspired my painting. Except I wanted to show the cosmic forces I was feeling, beyond the social ones. For me, giving birth was one of the peak experiences of my life. I guess the star shadow baby was his spirit that I was letting go, hoping to give him a boost up. Leo is poised in mid-air, his aura body is flying away up into the stars. He has a bright five-pointed, star-shaped aura. See a large or medium large version of the painting.

I couldn't sign the adoption papers so I did keep Leo and Leo got some fathering too. The strange thing is that the painting was a map of his death as well. He just kept on flying up to the stars.

In exhibition, Leo's Birth received 2nd Prize in Oil Painting, Minneapolis Institute of Arts, MN, 1961.

Leo path iconSee the birth photo or other pages about Leo.

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