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Adventures in Awareness 2017 - Expansion

Continued from Antenna Array. Finished movie is Adventures in Expanding Awareness 2017.

Visions of Brain Expansion

Here are excerpts from wholeOOnward blog that inspire a video in progress. See preliminary version below. Second installment Rings. Third installment Right Brain. Fourth installment Left Brain. Fifth installment Evolutionary Array. Sixth installment Green Wngz. Seventh: Movie.

Wetting, breathing brain at large

4-14 Expanding brain breathing. This has been going on for a couple of days. Creative response to the idea that older people's brains shrink inside the skull, so when they fall, they slosh bang against the bone. So they bleed, deform, and break easier than young expanded brains. I'm thinking this is because the brain is juicy, water-based. And our culture is dehydrated. I've been thinking of breathing it, watering it, visualizing and affirming expansion of brain.

right brain expansion

4-16 Doing yoga, I found myself going on from the end of my mudras. From hands meeting behind my back, back of hands against back at waist, fingers splayed out fanning out from little fingers below to thumbs above. From there I rounded up, hands still splayed at maximum extent, radiating away from palm centered energy. I did it, then sort of danced it, realizing this was a next step in my process related to the 4/14 insight. And the right side of my head expanded about 6" out all around that side. It has stayed that way until 10 when I have to go to sleep. It has kind of a Mohawk bristle out border down the center of my head. I feel my left side of my body is enhanced, maybe a little aerated or loosened up.

Left and right brain expansion4-18 I am drinking water and affirming brain watering, a continuation of the 4-14 insight and the 4-16 follow-up. Feeling my left brain, can at least envision the 6" expansion. Or is it 7"? Or more? My art is helping my body or spirit expand. Somehow thinking that need afterimage. What is afterimage of this green I've got? Magenta, of course! Looking at Photoshop command, "Invert" and a color wheel of "Complementary Color", the words seem to describe the same phenomenon.

Just now thirsty. When drinking, had feeling of adding dimension. Like going into 3D in Photoshop and making the flat drawing an extrusion layer. That's what the expansion of the brain, mindspace is like, extruding. It's catching.

I tuned into my brain this morning. After confirming that the left had expanded, I saw these vertical little column things maybe 3/4" in diameter. coming up in a cluster of nine or seven or five sort of vertical rods of different heights (pipe organ?) "tsch" sounds. I don't know if that's how it is functioning . But the right side, that I had previously seen expanded, was not tuned in. I don't know if it was small or large. It was just hazy.

Today I'm seeing the left side as the sender. Those little rods are like the keys on a trumpet that change the tone. The right side is the builder. And it's like little hat pins. It's increasing resolution by establishing little black spots that are connected to the center. It's kind of non-dimensional, showing me as all over. But that means that it's nowhere. It doesn't have to be spatially oriented because it's omni-present. But it has to show it that way to me because that's the only way I can see it.

4-20 During meditation at ECMS, I was streaming with thoughts, knew it, and asked what they had in common. A light at the end of the tunnel appeared and I did merge with that and feel tenderness. Every once in awhile I resumed tender non-ness. Not-ness. Saw lots of blue and asked what about green? Somehow was aware of green without seeing it. That says it. There is no separation of awareness (word) from green (color label) in consciousness (perception of mind). It is truly being green. Maybe that is a qigong centered stance.

4-25 I really wanted to come home to focus on my video for tomorrow. But it seems like my psychic aims are counter to my artistic. I want to focus on transmissions, transcending, want to do a meditation, actually.

Bob, where ya at? {Bob Pirsig, my old friend that just died.} At 4 I am feeling horizontal deflectors. First they were coming down, like, language parcels bamming on a tin roof. Then I felt deflectors to the side too, for going up, so it's spreading actually transmissions. Channeling to the side. I can't tell if this is because I don't want to be diminished, have something taken from me. Or if he doesn't want me messing with his psyche? Or if ... if if if I can't receive what is being sent, that was my first thought, that I should work on opening up to that. I see antennas tilting all different sizes, and distances planted around these woods. Blessings Beach, is where I had my first Florida visions. Vision woods Visions Grove. Grove sounds like drove.

There's one with a pointed feed that comes, I guess it's tilted so the scissors' points come out of my pineal and my forehead. And the MET is kind of, it's like behind me. Propelling or recording or doing all the things that a MET does. If it's a transformation, it's not really communication. I don't bring anything back. Preparing for some evolution, transformation of consciousness. Bob maybe can help with that. {Continuation of the Awareness visions.}

Oh, stuff is raining down. Language. When did I see that, long ago? Letters in the language raining down. Oh, I visualized the pin and rod brain aura and see the language spikes going out like vertical trees. Wow, packages are tumbling down. 3D Notepads (?) thoughts he had for me. The dream me that was not the woman that he thought I was. 

It's like putting a radio collar on a wild animal. Now I can keep tracking. Whatever it is. Maybe that's the barrier. Do I allow him to do that with me? Feels like little roots. Like lichen rhizines.

4-30 Had a fantasy vision of approaching death that looks like the Lamaze birth painting starting at the top. Life is the chaos coming down free fall. Starting at the bottom and going in is the next step. That could integrate the brain (4-18) and other two visions, taking the trip. See 4-14 and 4-25.

Green filamentous, transparent glassy wings. Rather straight.

5-13 On wake up a crystallizing sensation above waist, below wing-bones, so above center of unconscious, along spine, some kind of crystal cauliflower-like mound, deposit. From these crystals spring green filamentous, transparent glassy wings. Rather straight. I feel gifted. Gratitude. Thank you. Gypsy glass-wings aho.

Learned more about Tinkr but difficult. Tuned to green awareness. Not the green reflected from objects. It has Sub-Wings of different lengths and angles. All comes down to vibes. Special measuring and translating unit for vibe awareness. It has drone capabilities. Can take off and fly around. Maybe even like crystal refraction not one but many radiating out.

Not only many arms of radiation, but many clone drones. I can learn this language. Universal translator. Named it Tinkr because it has Tinker Bell qualities. It might have Zen meditation bell qualities. When consciousness called to meditative attention or meditative awareness, it is more open to communication, larger, more accessible and above all more honest. Thoughts arise but do not get implemented, do not lead to action but have the information of action, the feeling of action, the intention of action.

As Above, So Below

6-03 Reading Secret of the Andes again. Picture the masculine ray coming down into the Himalayas and a feminine ray coming into Peru. It had always been there. It's like right and left parts of my brain. In my movie as the last movie ends, with expanded brain, it could become global and see the rays in the Himalayas and Peru. Then the antenna zooms back, so I transition to looking to the side. United in As Above, So Below.

6-18 Working with the seaweed photos. Looking at the frayed, changing cloud fragments in the sky, why am I so fascinated with these shapes? They feel innately, intuitively beautiful. Not just that, they feel significant. Important. As if focusing on them would be immediately recognized by almost anyone. Then doubting that. What's the explanation? What came is that I'm like a drop of water. I'm in a stream of seaweed as well as a wafting cloud. As a human I'm buffeted and carried by winds and environmental forces along with crowds of other people drops. We form forms as water drops do. We feel separate but we know we're not. So I look to these passages of water for traces of my own story.

Again I visualized the pin and rod brain aura with language spikes and packages are tumbling down. I see the pins and rods are more well organized, vertical in action.

6-20 How the crystal on back is kind of like dome miniature, blinks on and off. When saw it rising out from miniature, got the feeling partly these visions are presented as design prototypes. I'm not representing how it is but how it could be if functional.

But there was more to the back than the pulsing crystal. The green wings are glassy vibes that pulse from angular to rounded edges. Maybe sending with angle and receiving with rounds. Also when they go straight out left and right, the figure disappears. Maybe because they wrap around earth and become a giant antenna. They also go fluttering at any angle. Anemone.

6-21 A vision comes of the wngz turned vertical. Narrowing horizontally so they seem to be advancing with the inner edges, turning sidewards as they enlarge and zoom up.

Video in progress

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Second Installment: Rings of Expanding Awareness

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Fifth Installment: Evolutionary Array

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Sixth Installment: Green Wngz

Green wngz

Storyboard in progress

Seven: Finished movie

Adventures in Expanding Awareness 2017

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