Adventures in Awareness 2017

Antenna Array followed by Expansion

Visions of Antenna Array On a Forest Hike

Walking in the woods a series of images and actions came to me on April 1, 2017.

Trident peace symbol   Evolutionary splurt, 3D   Trident with fronds   Major Event of transformation Body model antenna array

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Here's what I said as I hiked along.

Did it all start with seeing the mist person arising from Eastern Lake? We aren't so different, being forms of water. Seems like I acknowledged a consciousness there. What a beyond the beyond morning.

GreenI get that it's the green that is photosynthesizing that is related to awareness. Then my mind said, the plants are showing green when photosynthesizing but we are photosynthesizing. But that doesn't make any sense because we have this, what to us is opaque (covering pineal gland). There are so many frequencies around. It might not be sunlight. But that we are processing something like photosynthesizing. Freqphotos. Freqsynthesizing. Supersynthesizing. And that part of our being we know little about.

Trident on hill in Peru from On the Way to Machu Picchu bookWhen I first mentioned supersynthesis I saw a trident and I remembered one in South America. Just now I saw it going up like that into a peace sign and then the tendrils, maybe three more wiggly up above that. It's kind of a ... oh, its spinning. It's a fantastic kind of antenna thingie. I wonder if it just happens when you're out in nature tuning in, or if I'm making it up or if it happens all the time and I'm tuning (actually said turning) into it now.

3D Splurt with color radiants Evolutionary splurt Had the thought, don't worry about roads through the forest, it's doomed as are you. And I thought, right now, can tune in. The thing is, what if I tune in galactically now that we're here? Out came fronds like splurt. They came around and then in and then up forward. Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh (camera traces the right half of a splurt). And that tip was multidimensional. It's not just one scissor point. I can't see them all. I know they're there.

Major Event of Transformation BodyThe base of the scissor handles revolve and resolve into a Major Transformation Body. That's where I'm at. Even though the Galactic MET antenna is sort of omnidirectional, it has roots going down, so we know where it is from. It's not just psychic, it's also personalized. It still is orienting, turning around its axis. What have I seen that does that on earth? Some kind of radar maybe? I don't know. Like it turns, stops, goes back and forth, back, forth, all the way around. Like it is keying in. But it's fast. I think it's way faster than I can see. It's just showing me that.

Evolutionary glowWhen I got to this area I tuned in to the antenna again and saw filling of the glow stuff in the middle. Looks just like what I drew. Whirling donuts both ways in each donut, like fiber optics. Then I saw that the whole array was tilting. There are several of them. Not just one. They not only turn but they tilt.

Interesting when I looked up parrot pitcher plant on computer, there was one journal find, it was when I walked up here before. At that very time I was looking into the circle of 9, wanting to know where to go from the MET. Maybe that suggested this to me? I'm always skeptical. But it seems like an evolutionary array established either by me, or in me, or of me.

I wonder what I could pick up? What could I bring back? What would be clear contact?

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