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Deer Lake State Park 2017

Park pages: Beach, White-Fringed Orchids, Pitcher Plants, Solar Eclipse, and Awareness Colors.


In April heat forces me from the woods and down to the shore. Here are videos of snowy plovers , mollusks, flamingos, and heron vs. egret.

White Fringed Orchids

I've been following the orchids this year. On March 21 I found sprouts. Here's a page about the progress of White-Fringed Orchids.

Pitcher Plants

On March 22 Jeff Talbert reported that they had placed over 1600 plants, including 1400 trumpet pitcher plants, in the ground and flagged, in a nearby restoration area. See Jeff's post on Instagram, atlantabgconservation. On March 30 I investigated what I call area Nine.One: see the video.

Solar Eclipse

Partial solar eclipse on August 21 as it affects our park physically and myself metaphysically.

Awareness Colors

Emerald Green for awarenessjjGreen background in the Trips section? emerald green for awareness. Partially, it is about balance through opposites. These color wheel examples show the pure hues. Lighter purple is the Trips background hue. The bright green hue is the complementary color on the color wheel. The background of this text is the darker complement of the Trips background color. Credit for the color wheels goes to Delphine Doreau 2016.

I've posted a lot to the Facebook group I <HEART> Deer Lake State Park this year. Back to Deer Lake State Park page.

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