Barnacles on the beach

Out of Place - Mollusks in DLSP Florida

Beach at Deer Lake State Park 2017

Special features are Snowy Plovers, Mollusks, Flamingos, Heron vs. Egret, and Eagles.

Snowy Plovers

Snowy plover who fathered a chick in 2017 See videos of the father and chick, ID bands decoded, and photos with a new friend on the Snowy Plover 2017 page.


Actually goose barnacles. A flipped flip-flop covered with living shell creatures on the sandy beach. Also on April 28. Alternatively, see the video on YouTube.


Tropical storm Cindy brought a pair of tropical birds to northwest Florida. Since American Flamingos usually live in south Florida, I haven't learned whether they can adapt to our beaches and lakes. Will they find shelter and enough food? A place to nest? I found them on the beach on July 1 and saw them fly overhead on July 2.

Photos. Alternatively, see the video on YouTube.

Heron VS Egret

Heron chases egret video. They both were fishing and catching plenty of fish. Each time, the egret didn't fly far and kept on with its business.


I watched a lone eaglet from May until it flew off the nest on July 3. Some people say that is late for an eagle to fledge in this area.

In October an adult eagle sat on the beach looking out at the Gulf of Mexico.

Eagle on beach

See also the Facebook group I <HEART> Deer Lake State Park. For example, a photo album for Hurricane Nate.

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