Father snowy plover meets a new arrival on 2017-0-24

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Snowy Plovers 2017, Deer Lake State Park beach, FL

Father and Chick

Newly hatched snowy plover chicks and their fathers coordinate for security on the beach in Deer Lake State Park, Florida on April 28, 2017. A SNPL chick has to feed itself but can take cover under Dad in case of a lingering photographer. Alternatively, see the video on YouTube.

Here they are together on May 28.

Alternatively, see the video on YouTube. As of July 15 the father was in DLSP. On June 28 the fledgling was reported in St. Joe State Park (T.H. Stone Memorial St Joseph Peninsula State Park).

Leg Bands

Bird ID band description Bird ID Banding decoded.

New Friend

As of 2017-07-24

Dad's new friend. SNPL 2017-07-24 Dad, SNPL 2017-07-24 Dad and new friend. SNPLs on 2017-07-24

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