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wholeO Onward Awareness 2017

For years I said Wholeo was about the search for the whole self. But Wholeo is not searching, not separate. Wholeo is Awareness, in the process of revealing wholeness. I asked for a color of awareness and got this green. For the bink of awareness, the "You are here" symbol settled on the background Awareness glow resting on a couple of levels of complementary color.

Awareness colors

On 2017-02-14 I wrote:

I should change the definition of Wholeo to be awareness. That encompasses personal practices (most local and time-bound), imagination, and global, galactic, multi-dimensional. Awareness knows no boundaries (or all boundaries) small or large.

Missing from all this is initial thoughts that awareness is my god. Remembering conversation with Yaani and all the features we found in common with the undivided. But different from me was the idea that god could incarnate as an individual. Stays dualistic in my view. Whereas non-dual is it. Also lacking in my world is the ability to talk to God. That's Yanni's most precious part, the god friend, mentor. Suddenly thinking that is like what I do when I talk to myself. That is unspecified, undivided, unnameable self. Awareness, it is talking to awareness.

Dark Sea of Awareness from Castaneda is good. Aspects of wholeo awareness are embedded throughout the site.

List of awareness instances on

Access/access.html aware of ISO standard date format.

announce/announce2.htm Changing the description to dedicated to Awareness.

Caroling/caroling36birthday.html aware of spine up and down electro-magnetic action

Caroling/channel/akasha/akashicRecord/memoryBeadAccess/akashicGuide.htm About spiritual access: you need to transcend your normal thoughtfulness to a state of awareness. Don't drop your mental processes but gve them to your openness to wholeness.

Color/afterImg.htm I'm taking a poetic license to use the concept of the afterimage in a wider sense. There are unacknowledged or unaware completions that our whole self provides for the focuses of our small self

Color/healing/altar2a.htm ever is the name of a spiritual entity. I see it as an orb of blue and fuscia energy. I became aware of it after.

Color/healing/transitionOM++.htm Saw bink of an awareness out of body. This is the same as in Trips/Imagine But can't fix this messed up stuff

Color/healing/1999/WholeoOnline/ch7-27-99Interp.html. Growth of your awareness is a heartfelt adventure of prayer and gathering spinal messages from your dark unconscious aspects.

Color/healing/1999/WholeoOnline/sandrainterpretation.htm Try to see like a blind and deaf person, be aware with all your cells.

Color/healing/EIE/WrinkleInTime10/clrEIEwrinkle10year.htm Also to elicit awareness of MindField

Catalog/xrefChakra.htm In the search for the whole self, as awareness expands, chakras become more sensitive.

Catalog/xrefEIE.htm Peeling the grape interface to awareness at the Noint Joint.

Lookout/lookInNout2013/eyebing.htm As a unit of awareness it followed an ordered progression and expansion to the galactic center during the period from the full moon after the Inner solstice of June 2013 to the full moon before the Outer solstice in December. It becomes a center of Wholeopen, blue galactic vibe regulator.

Lookout/lookInNout2013/fullMoon2014-01-15.html I had a feeling other awareness was here

Lookout/lookInNout2013/galacticSynchronization.html At Galactic Synchronization we enter a new Galactic beam. This is the story of awareness and result of expanding consciousness

Lookout/lookInNout2013/galacticSyncBeam.html making the right awareness decisions now is like catching a horse running by, getting on and riding with this energy.

Lookout/lookInNout2013/helloGalaxy.html Our recognition, awareness, gratitude, gathers and refines the beam for human level and we transmit to sun as we adore its light and give thanks for its rising

Lookout/lookout2008/dearMossMoment.html it is dear, being about consciousness, awareness.

Lookout/lookout2008/photobiont/photobiont.html photo-light processes, because there are no awareness factors to cause obstruction or friction or discipline.

Lookout/lookout2009/lo09lichenTimeline.html there are three components to lichen: fungus body, alga photo synthesizer, and awareness. Strange how some things fit pretty easily into the structure, some things i just place lightly with awareness that it isn't perfect.

Lookout/lookout2010/lookout10.html this is only a label, a category, a way to remember an awareness that was beyond my capacity to bring to ordinary consciousness.

Lookout/lookout2014/outerSolstice/g2014-12-21.htm Collapsing and expanding of conception of space and distinctions vs just being or just awareness of nothing

Lookout/south/PelorusJunction.htm This page is about awareness for Lookout 2000 in an ancient forest in New Zealand.

Trips/Art/gallery/blick/soulScape.htm Major statement of the purpose and process and use of artworks. instruments of awareness

Trips/Art/MN/oil/oldMrGeary.htm There's an awareness there. He might still be in charge.

Trips/Art/MR/dreamJournal.htm#power I acknowledge a need for greater, deepr, more inclusive awareness about the issue and open myself to messages from beyond

Trips/Art/MR/drawing/chakraLevels.htm you are trying to estore and enhance connection to and awareness of the whole

Trips/Art/MR/glass/mrExpCons.htm design (called "Expanding Awareness") {note, the window is Expansion of Consciousness which I think reflects that it shows structures of consciousness active during designing that tapped into awareness}

Trips/Art/NY/oil/nyPerson.htm complex awareness ... musing on the contradictions

Trips/Art/SF/writing/newSpeciesMoon.htm I kept my awareness up there on the lunar surface near the capsule.

Trips/Art/SV/computer/svComputer.htm CLBs are the master vector spirits that ensure signals repeat enough to filter through our senses and mental landscapes to reach awareness.

Trips/Art/Web/dividing/nointJoint/nj9.html vision at the Noint Joint, birthplace of the point and sphere of consciousness

Trips/Carolyoga/breath/breathCleansing.htm awareness

You are here image, significant markerTrips/Carolyoga/magicalPasses/magicalPsssesNcarolyoga.htm#a15 Dark sea of awareness lends awareness to organic beings. Special case of seeing is a state of heightened awareness in which the human body is capable of perceiving energy as a flow. Liberation of the womb is to awaken its secondary functions of awareness and evolution. Enhance awareness of the left energy body. And having awareness but not an organic body after death.

Trips/Carolyoga/specials/carolyogaIntro.htm Hieloheal centers crown and pineal awareness

Trips/Carolyoga/specials/cyinjury.htm Keep awareness right on that body part, focused and in communication.

Trips/Carolyoga/specials/WomansKundalini/cyEvolutionaryAwarenessWomansKundalini.htm Healing energy entry to awareness.

Trips/Imagine/acts/meditation/visionary/visionaryMeditation.htm image of blue arced and straight out radiations as awareness.

Trips/Imagine/acts/meditation/visionary/VMcityOfLight.htm lightning strikes emanating from the city of light over Sedone consciousness or gathered awareness.

Trips/Imagine/acts/ritePassage/deathTransition/xsnVisions.htm Saw bink of an awareness out of body

Trips/Imagine/acts/ritual/Dec20-2012ECMS.htm Pay attention: For me awareness, writing and drawing are all important, kind of like channeling, I let it flow through expressively. Keep it. Refer to it.

Trips/Imagine/acts/ritual/equinox/marchEquinoxGalacticMeditation.htm Since we are tuning awareness to the galaxy, think globally.

Trips/Imagine/acts/ritual/NrGwalk/NrGwalkColor.htm This awareness connection started this morning when I was suddenly aware of my affection for the utensils and appliances in my kitchen.

Trips/Imagine/Evolution/consciousness/cons.htm Image of awareness at the Noint Joint.

Trips/Imagine/Evolution/consciousness/awareness/awareness2017.htm Adventures in Awareness 2017, visions.

Trips/Imagine/Evolution/design/elobeing/exhibit/topics/MET/scene3/METcolorEIE.htm Amid a flurry of twisties, the arcs split, surrounding a glow of awareness.

Trips/Imagine/Evolution/design/elobeing/exhibit/topics/stage/movies/acts/elobExbReachOut.htm 3bc might be called zero point, the matrix of awareness.

Trips/Imagine/Evolution/design/elobeing/history/topics/CLB/elobeingHistoryCLB.htm So green is dynamic of yellow and blue and can compress that with awareness.

Trips/Imagine/Evolution/design/elobeing/history/topics/staff/clap/elobeingHistoryStaffClap.htm So the clap is the carrier and the cons or uncons is the info awareness.

Trips/Imagine/Evolution/design/prenatal/basic/basic.htm 3. Raisin of awareness?

Trips/Imagine/Evolution/design/prenatal/elobeing/memBeads2desc.htm. See bead #58. Akasha awareness of the Akashic record relationship, not egocentric investment in "I" but interaction {Note that awareness is in many descriptions of memory beads.}

Trips/Imagine/geometry/tetrahedron/tetPgen.htm Tetrahedrons are part of our nature and perform naturally. This idea is to provide visual metaphors that expand awareness and let you work with the structures consciously.

Trips/Journal/journal10-28-73.htm Connected to the anchors, I grounded copper wires radiating out from the center to each anchor. I saw them as transmitters and asked that they bring awareness of the whole into my sphere. ... I'm experiencing a humbling sense of my own limitations. How teeny an open awareness I have of my own little life.

Trips/Journal/MyJournalNow/EarlyJournal/Journal1973Oct-74.htm I use eyes as tool too much. If develop inner awareness with eyes closed will actually be in better touch with the outside. TODO save and upload this file. Made a little correction.

Trips/Journal/topics/wholeo/journal8-10-75.htm 9/29/75 I said "awareness, Funicula is here." I quested with most fervent feeling for paith in prayer. This appeared. link to wholeoSymbol.htm.

Trips/Journal/topics/wholeo/journal8-10-75.htm 9/28/76 Its colors seem almost like an awareness that so fantastically relates to human consciousness.

Trips/MedicineWheel/Medicine2/wlbStory.htm Today I can learn a new behavior and a new way of being. To acknowledge what is repressed, yet not compress it to my forward awareness, I have to come halfway into the unknown, from where I am now.

Trips/MedicineWheel/Medicine2/Chalfant/ChalfantRite1.htm has same link of bink of an awareness. Do I want both?

Trips/MedicineWheel/MedicineStory/bmwScurs.htm Today I can learn a new behavior and a new way of being. To acknowledge what is repressed, yet not compress it to my forward awareness, I have to come halfway into the unknown, from where I am now.

Trips/Scruffrug/stories/scruffrug5Devolving.htm The inner awareness, touching the dark sea of awareness, hears, sees, dances, smells, tastes, speaks, touches, feels, moves connected to being.

Trips/Travel/Florida/panhandle/uncities/econfina/Econfina2012/lntVideo.htm That's why we call the one-hour workshop an awareness workshop.

Trips/Travel/Florida/southWalton/earthballsAndEarthstars/EarthballsNearthstarsUnderground.htm My thought about the deer lichen was awareness of what happens with the fungi underground.

Trips/Travel/Florida/srb/DeerLake/2017dlsp/dlsp2017.htm Awareness colors on Deer Lake State Park 2017 page.

Trips/Travel/SV/greatSpirit/images/y2k/y2kColorBellAuraFlashImages.htm Yellow action and awareness.

Trips/Wholeo/BooksOnline/ky/ky12.htm Only awareness moves. No colors, just activating the unradiating light of each chakra.

Trips/Wholeo/BooksOnline/LightBody/lb42-43.c.htm April 11 Opening her crown chakra aperture, light comes in, drawing awareness to the heart.

Trips/Wholeo/BooksOnline/msatgp/gp9.htm Shasta is naturally a volcano. That state is heightened by a synergistic effect of nature and human consciousness-raising, awareness action, outer space contact, and the spirit world.

Trips/Wholeo/BooksOnline/otwtmp/otwtmpG33.htm Step 20. If I move awareness from Central Intelligence in my heart to the Gravity Center in my crown, sound is created. This is "calling." It is steady, single, outside of time.

Trips/Wholeo/BooksOnline/vibes/v2.htm awareness of our thought can be more "in the medium" of thought than it is.

Trips/Wholeo/BooksOnline/zen0/think25.htm "Value is the predecessor of structure. It's the preintellectual awareness that gives rise to it. ...With Quality as a central undefined term, reality is, in its essential nature, not static but dynamic. ...It has forms but the forms are capable of change."

Trips/Wholeo/BooksOnline/zen0/think3.htm "Omnidirectional Halo: Every time we have annihilation into eternity, it is not lost in principle; it is only locally lost in the relative inaccuracy that we must have to differentiate and to have awareness."

Trips/Wholeo/GlassDome/sitoExtension/guide/whGuideArcs.htm In general, the content of the arcs moves from what is given at birth (in the south) toward inner development of awareness of the whole (in the north).

Trips/Wholeo/GlassDome/sitoExtension/liqStarLight/whLiqStarLight.htm The filigree mimics channels of awareness.

Trips/Wholeo/GlassDome/sitoExtension/sunPath/whSunPath.htm It has two layers or stages in development of awareness.

Trips/Wholeo/healEarth/hEchris.htm "Awareness is something deeper than biology itself, for it reaches down to the wave-particle level and even to the disincarnate source."

Trips/Wholeo/symbol/wholeoSymbol.htm The vibe shapes radiating from the center express the awareness at the point of consciousness contained in the Wholeo symbol.

Trips/Wholeo/WholeSelf/lightBeing/MCS/meteorCraterSpiritGuidance.htm Seems like now I'm revealing with awareness what has existed since I met MCS at Meteor Crater (originally Barringer Crater) in 1992. But awareness has to come for it to function with the world peace plan.

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