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The roots of Elobeing come together in history and topics. Colored Light Beings (CLBs) are an integral part of Elobeings. However CLBs exist independently. So in addition to being part of history, CLBs are an associated root of Elobeing. The following journal entries show different aspects of the importance of CLBs to the evolution of the Elobeing.

4-19-93 Iris CLB

2-24-96 What's underneath the colors is the action of the colors. Yellow green purple. Not associated with balloon, grass, or mother's pant suit. The combinatory, compressing, synergizing ability of colors. So green is dynamic of yellow and blue and can compress that with awareness. Actually, the green might be the compression because it is kind of a subtraction. Color might be the most efficient way to express mixture. There are more results than attraction and repulsion, there are degree of transparency, speed, and more.

2-16-97 I seem to have missed the point that this {Elobeing} is a mutant stage, a half-breed. This is as new an evolution for the CLBs as it is for humans. Maybe that helps to understand the feeling of presence here. We need to work together on this, yet we have such a tenuous interface.

  1-21-98 {Color} ... is how clbs make changes. Humans go from black to white because we've decided to live in a black-white world of light or dark. But at the Noint Joint a CLB has more choices. Imagine the Noint Joint nodes as a set of color swatches with random access order, where you can peel off into any set of choices you want. It is sort of like choosing how many dimensions you want to get into. But it is the difference between any two at any different time that determines meaning, structure, movement, and maybe even time. I think that these choices are constantly being made. Like our whole universe is set from the time we are born. I think that is the being choice of the kind of being we've chosen. Humans choose light as the basic model. That's why I saw the MET with black and white nodes. Also why the Noint Joint appears to have two nodes just barely distinguishable from the beyond. But CLBs make color choices, not light. Our colors are subdivisions of light and used for ID, but aren't real color, being derived from light. The only way to become a CLB is to go back to the Noint Joint and decide to be a different kind of being.

1-16-99 Propel, focus, resolve, and ground are 4 different teachings or principles of CLB expression. Or action. Yellow and green are two flavors of the propel. Like catapult or gather microwaves in a radio dish to in antenna feed. Emerald Elo is the focus which is also like condensation or exude or summarize or even crystalize. Focus comes from general and diffused to smaller but more present. Resolve is the indigo self coming from the horns of the dilemma, the shattered shards, the opposites. Feel it as a direction, like dimensional shift. Like forces of wind pushing pressuring in diffferent ways and directions. Interesting that our dimensions all seem equal and only differentiated relative to each other. But these dimensions all have distinct natures that are very different. Ground is the priest and might be more like embody. How different from focus, is personalize, manifest as consciousness something from very far out that is otherwise incommunicable and beyond our reach. Could be something like channeling. Could I take this farther and see how I used these principles in my XWC art ? Crystals, colors, sphering, and finding edges vs. ground, focus, resolve, exude. {Need to add 5th color and 6th splurt to this, later in same text.}

1-26-99 How important it is to see the afterimage {of a color} and do it concurrently. Sudden feeling that if I can be and sense bothness of a color, suddenly I'll see the CLB world and it is really here. Just that I can't tune. When I got close it was like making eye contact with someone on a crowded sidewalk. A brief recognition and unstated exchange of awareness. ... There is some principle here of CLBness (coloredlightbeingness). If it balanced perfectly it would be part of the NJ {Noint Joint} interface. It has to go to and come from the balance to have life and be subtracted out and added in dynamically. In other words, the balance provides the be and the out provides the ing.

For the evolutionary being, the Elobeing, see vision and cross-references to scattered pages that introduce the Elobeing in various ways.

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