Color afterimage

Remember the afterimage concept? That is the fact that after looking at an image, your body creates an inverted version of the image, called an afterimage. To practice it, or to experience it with color, stare at this yellow dot for 5 to 10 seconds. Then stare at the blank white space next to it. Your mind projects an afterimage of the color for you. For the yellow, you should see a light blue afterimage. If you close your eyes, you'll get an afterimage of your entire visual field.

See Interaction Of Color by Josef Albers, review. I use these ideas to explore and express the Galactic Beam Being in 2013. To explore your afterimaging capabilities, try a QuickTime movie, the yellow cloud (not working well in 2013). If you don't have a QuickTime plug-in for your browser (free, for PC or Mac) see

I'm taking a poetic license to use the concept of the afterimage in a wider sense. There are unacknowledged or unaware completions that our whole self provides for the focuses of our small self.

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