Interaction of Color front cover

Color afterimage & Albers

In the 1970s I bought the paperback book shown above, Interaction of Color by Josef Albers. It is referenced in the Bibliography (top 15). I explain the Albers influence for stained glass design for the Arrow panels in Wholeo Dome. Below left is the back cover, "Goethe's Color Triangle". Below right are facing pages IV, "A color has many faces - the relativity of color". The center top image on each page is repeated below on a different background color and appears to be a very different color, changed in hue and value.

Interaction of Color back cover, 'Goethe's Color Triangle'   Interaction of Color page IV, 'A color has many faces - the relativity of color'

I learned about an online app for the iPad from Leni Schwendinger (Light Projects LTD) on Facebook, see images below and click them for links.

Leni's Facebook status   yupnet ad for the app
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