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The Above guide describes Arrow, a split panel surrounding Triangulation in the earth arc in the dome Wholeo. It follows the Cosmic Juices Transmuted in a Person path.

The arrow is pointed in the direction the sun will appear to move across Wholeo during the day, towards the Western horizon. It's another statement about wavelengths, an attempt to communicate the essential nature of color. Colors in the spectrum are sandwiched with their afterimages. Do you experience afterimages consciously?

In class I set up a row of glass samples against the window full of sky. I asked the group to stare at one of the colors for awhile and then look at the blank or empty sky. Many students reported seeing the opposite color against the sky. One said he saw the whole row of samples reversed against the sky. The theory of the afterimage or simultaneous contrast as Albers explains, is that the nerve ends on the human retina are tuned to receive any of the three primary colors (red, yellow, or blue). Staring at red will fatigue the red-sensitive parts, so that with a sudden shift to white only the mixture of yellow and blue occurs. And this is green, the complement of red. He calls this a "psycho-physiological phenomenon" (page 23). Once you become familiar with afterimages you might find yourself checking out colors more fully by testing them for their afterimages. I find myself doing it often. It helps in determining what color the color you are perceiving is.

Stained glass colors are usually bright, even when looked at against a cloudy sky. I was wondering how to vary them. How to achieve their maximum brightness or stimulation to the retina, which after all, is one of my chief sensual connections or avenues of communication, with the viewer. I was thinking that if the colored shape were surrounded by its afterimage, then the craving of the nerves would be met, no particular aspect of them would be overtaxed, and any imbalance in perceiving a particular color would be simultaneously countered by perceiving the opposite.

So I strove to create a spectrum of colors and their afterimages from my limited palette of glass. I was fairly satisfied with the approximations. I was fascinated with the result that the afterimages moved in rainbow progression in the opposite direction, east. The first red is tall, thin, and straight at the left. Progressively each color is shorter, wider, and more bent (looking west, to the right). The final pale violet is a glob. From red, the most life-giving color, to violet, the most spiritual color; from long wavelength to short.

The afterimages return (from west to east) moving from a sprout of lemon with yellowish green leaves, ending back past red with the same green. I find arrow an intense color feast. Hue, afterimage, and shape together engage the eye, psyche, and intellect of the viewer.

The start of the arrow is grass green. The long wavelength red is surrounded by green, orange by blue-green, yellow by light blue, light green by violet, turquoise by orange, blue by yellow and the sea-green sprout in the violet bud. They are all surrounded by their afterimages or complementary colors.

Smack dab in the middle of arrow, front, and center of the dome, high at high noon is "Triangulation."

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