Color arcs
Wholeo guide, Wonder

Wonder, guide to Arcs of Wholeo Dome

Wonder, the guide, goes to look at Wholeo Dome from the Adept's point of view (all around view) in the south or front of Wholeo Dome. She/he dreams a myth that goes like this. When Goddess created Wholeo Dome, she sent a special sunbeam. When it smote the sod of earth, the sunbeam split into a rainbow bump. As the earth whirled, the rainbow spread in arcs on the sunpath from east to west, splitting along the yellow ray shining deeply into earth. Gold, red, and violet wrap the north. Green, blue-green, and indigo blue wrap the south. Earth colors fling around the top, spun up from earth, lifted on high. A fisheye view from the middle of the dome shows the arcs {medium or large).

Designs coming from universal mind, might take years to understand, to become conscious of their meaning. Call this unconscious design, if you wish. After Wholeo Dome was finished, it took two and a half years to clearly begin to explain the arcs of color. There is more to go. In general, the content of the arcs moves from what is given at birth (in the south) toward inner development of awareness of the whole (in the north).

Light is all around. Light is the medium. Light is the messenger. White is not an arc by itself; it seeps into and illuminates all the arcs.

Green arc of life, where sits a person. The adept is seated in green, the color of growth and harmony.

Aqua arc of our watery atmosphere, swimming with energy sources for life. The middle aqua surround is like the wet earth aura, symbolizing the divine protection into which we are born. This is telepathy, god-cells, the radiation of the pineal gland, I AM. It is so close to us, we often can't even see it.

Indigo blue
Blue arc of the sun path.

From "Spring-Creation," (the hexagon panel all around view), spring the paths open to us, arranged in order from the most obvious, to the most occult.

First, to the lower right, is the indigo path from dawn to dusk, or birth/consciousness/death, paralleled by breathe in/breathe out. They stretch across the dome from east to west.

Earth green and brown
Earth colored arcs could be limbo, a path where obstructions form and are lost. It is the barrier and flux to overcome in becoming a wholly developed individual. The brown arc of dust and fertile soil woven on high is so human in skin color. The green arc overhead shows cosmic juices assimilated by the adept, a source of wisdom and creative power.

Magenta arc is the opposite of all we know, our farthest reach. It is nothing. It is where the ends of the electromagnetic spectrum reach around to meet and form a color wheel. It is the connectivity of mind.

Red arc is rebirth and love. It definitely rings the bull's-eye of the essence of being as a cell in a wholly developed individual. It is divine and human love combined in one.

Gold arc is the highest development. The adept centers on the occult gold and white aura from the other side of Wholeo Dome.

Glass dome
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