Click the picture.
Move around with Click and drag or arrow keys
Zoom in with + > A a . or = key. Zoom out with - < Z z , or _ key
While moving, zoom in or out with shift or control key
Hotspots with Spacebar

Wholeo guide, Wonder

Wholeo at 0,0,100 (pan, tilt, and zoom)

When this page is loaded or refreshed, in the center of the window, X = 50, Y = 50, pan = 0, tilt = 0, fov = 100. See details below. This is what a person at the start of the picture in the south sees looking straight ahead, north. You are looking through the eyes of the figure. When you click the middle of the picture and drag to left or right, moving half way around, you see the figure (adept in the south). Then you are looking at the person from the point of view of Wonder, the guide to Wholeo.

pointerWhen you click and drag your pointer over the picture, you move all around. When the pointer is over a hot spot, it changes to a hand blue hotspotand the hotspot is active. Press Spacebar to toggle all the hotspot markers on and off. Blue hotspots link to the Book of Wholeo, which pops up in a separate browser window. If you prefer, use a page with links to the same window. The book explains the main areas in Wholeo with links to image details. yellow hotspotYellow hotspots link to various other pages, images, or are simply identifiers.

Here is a view of all Wholeo and the ground. To start, you are looking at the "Essence of Being" area. Labels along the edge show east, south, west, and north. To view this file, a Java applet downloads temporarily, so you don't need a plug-in for a Macintosh or PC browser. This file is about 300 KB. You can see the parts of Wholeo undistorted, in the round. You spin back, forth, up and down, just as you would look around if you were really there, inside the dome.

Click the picture, then press spacebar to see hotspots (wait for them to appear). All hotspots remain visible.

Repress spacebar to hide hotspots again (keep pointer off any hotspot).

While pointer is over hotspot look for info in the browser status bar at the bottom of the window.

Click the hotspot or press return to jump to link.


To see your rectangular coordinates (%) in the status bar, press h and click (not over hotspot). To see the spherical pan, tilt, and fov press v. The pan is the horizontal degrees from north (+ or - 180 degrees). The tilt is the vertical degrees from the horizon (+ or - 90 degrees). The fov is the field of view or zoom in or out (10 to 160 %). The X,Y coordinates are a percent (%) of the image, where the sphere is flattened to a rectangle, like a map. 0%X, 0%Y is at the top left of the rectangle. When this page is loaded or refreshed, in the center of the window, X = 50, Y = 50, pan = 0, tilt = 0, fov = 100.

The picture starts at the top of the dome over the adept's head in the south. The sphere panning around the horizon and tilting up and down starts from where the adept centers gaze, straight north.

The name of the dome Wholeo and all images are Copyright 1974 Caroling.

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