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After Birth

Wholeo guide, Wonder

Wholeo guide, Sun Path

For an introduction to the Sun Path panels in the dome, see the exhibit book and tour. These guide pages go deeper. The blue arc springs from the lower right hand edge of Spring-Creation. It runs along the sun path from east to west. It has two layers or stages in development of awareness.

Closest to the Adept in the south, the first layer is the ego, or life-consciousness-death path, described on five pages starting here.

The next layer that's seen by the Adept is called Breathe In-Breathe Out. Here the Adept starts to develop beyond ego and relates to breathing and the etheric or psychic body. It's still in the same blue arc as the ego, but it's a subtler body. It relates to Prana on the one end, and to the black hole on the other. These panels are almost all made out of the dark blues. Breathe In is related to birth and Breathe out is related to death. They are processes that go on all through your life. That's another reason they occur at the ends of the arc. You don't necessarily see the middle. The middle is a cloud, a hiatus.

Intermission Breathe in, pause, Breathe out, pause. The expansion of the lungs is at the top of the dome. A little belly button on top. The exhaustion of the lungs is down in the earth on the way to rebirth.

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