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Wholeo guide to parts of the Sun Path

The birth-life-death arc in the Wholeo dome oriented towards the sun, is surrounded by dark blue glass which widens at the east-west bases to include two panels of a more cosmic relationship. The sun path is a complex idea to assimilate. It is the line the sun would etch on your dome as the earth rotates past the sun's beams each day (if a sun did etch a dome). Since the moon, planets, and even stars in the zodiac all are found in orbit around the sun's equator, it's also their path. Follow the description in the all around views to east and to west.

The picture above faces the beginning of the sun path, to the east. To the right are lines showing the surge of rebirth in the morning. A spiral twist indicates birth. The Smallest Unit of Life (SUL) is born. Beyond, to the left, cosmic Breathe In panels catch the first light. They come later.

rebirthbirthSULincoming sensations
Dawn and birth of consciousness

The Adept begins to examine the closest arc around, the sun path, the birth and death of the ego. The first panel is "Rebirth." It has the lines of the earth's spin along the sun path. In other words, the sun doesn't move, so the lines show the earth's spin. It's called Rebirth because the lines that are at the end of the sun path reappear in the dome at dawn. The stripe of Spring Galaxy Green runs into "Death End" in the west, then recurs as the main thread in "Rebirth."

Next comes "Birth." It's a tiny twist right here where there's some Cosmic Juices Transmuted in a Person and a few colors. Birth is a little mix of life energies and incoming sensations seen surrounding the panels. Notice a faint wavy blue line etched in the deep dark red glass panes just to the left of the birth twist. That is a path of incoming sensations continued above on the sun path.

The "Smallest Unit of Life" is born. The main parts of the sun path are in two series:

Life - Consciousness - Death series

Breathing series

Go to rebirth, birth, and the Smallest Unit of Life to start the sun path.

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