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For an introduction to the Breathe In panel in the dome, see the exhibit, either large book or the medium book. This page goes deeper. Click the medium size graphic for a large graphic. Beyond, but part of, the Sun Path, Breathe In is one of the major areas in Wholeo, the stained glass dome. The basic idea is circulation of energy with breathing through energy centers in the body. Follow the description in the all around view panorama. Or practice with the visual aid of carolyoga Prana Path chakra breathing, alternate nostril breathing, or full breathing.

The key ideas are:

At the bottom is a bud spreading dark vibrations abroad. The pale orchid cleft is the flame of the spirit we try to keep from wavering in the wind of desires. Seven pairs of vibes might be related to chakras or energy pools in our body which we will aerate in our breathing. We polish and clean our chakra lights and reconnect them to the always so shining. The alternate spiral path is the path of purification.

The best we can know of this translation occurs in breathing. Can we draw life energy, called prana, into our bodies when we breathe? We can practice alternate nostril or deep breathing in to the count of eight, hold for eight in a circle aloft and descend for eight breathings out to rest a moment in the base bud.

To start, fix your gaze below the red vibes. As you breathe in and out, visually follow the looping paths around, up, and through each pair of chakra vibes. At the top of the breathing cloud, in the clear sphere (disc or orb of wholeness), hold your breath. Connect with vertical spiritual energies. Allow prana or kundalini energy to permeate being. Up to the right, a detail shows rivulets of permeation (or big version). Continue breathing, moving your eyes on down the paths again to the base. Bring the benefit out horizontally in earth and your body. Concentrate before beginning another round of breathing. See a related carolyoga page on breathing out.

Since the blue glass is transparent and untextured, you can clearly see the house in the background. This emphasizes the non-material nature of the subject. Another distraction or component in view is the geodesic tube frame that supports the glass panels. They form the grey aluminum triangles on the inside. Most of the joints have six tubes. In the entire dome, there are only six joints with five tubes. That is because the geometry is based on an icosahedron, which has 20 sides and 12 vertexes. The dome hemisphere has half, or six vertexes. See a five-tube joint at the green vibes in the breathing cloud. That is the heart chakra. Focus on the patterns of lead, glass, and colored light.

Go west to Breathe Out. Go southeast to birth/dawn.

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