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First comes breathing out. If you don't breathe all the old air out and exercise your chest muscles to the fullest extent of vacuum, then you can't breathe in very fully. When rotating the satellite dish of your attention to breathing, the first thought should be

"Breathe out completely.

When it is all gone, you are released, poised there momentarily before the air flows in. Feel your diaphragm and stomach muscles relax. Then you can "Take a deep breath in".

Breathing out is a metaphor. Entering the Wholeo Online web site in the dark is such a process. It is a way to breathe out three times, ridding yourself of preconceptions. Enter in color and see things anew. There is a dark antechamber, decompression of the preview, and null entrance to the site. Be en trance.

Wolf howling to the moon is a special way of breathing out.

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Comparing carolyoga breathing with other practices brings up a contradiction and a puzzle. Should in-breath be forceful, like blowing up a balloon, and exhale simply flow without effort? Mike Finch describes two versions of breathing with respect to yin and yang energy. His description of breathing version 2, is aligned with carolyoga practice. He says, "The in-breath is now a relaxation, increasing yin; without any volition from me, I fill up with air, and my body-frame relaxes as I do so."

See the whole article here: and scroll down to "Applying the Yin-Yang Cycle to my Breath - Version 2.

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