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Carolyoga - Prana Path Breathing, Wesak

Up - breathe in. Down - breathe out.

This special deep breathing affirmation builds on the practice of ordinary breathing. It can be extraordinarily cleansing. It balances the spirit and opens clogged passages and airways. Here is a description taken from the guide to Wholeo (the stained glass dome) Breathe In pages, and modified to match the movie, for taking one full breath, in and out. Alternaively, see One full breath with word guides using the Breathe In panel.

Translation between spiral vertical spiritual energies above and horizontal human earth energies below.

The best we can know of this translation occurs in breathing. Can we draw life energy, called prana, into our bodies when we breathe? We can practice breathing in to the center, hold in a circle aloft and descend, breathing out to rest a moment in the base bud.

To start, fix your gaze below the red vibes. As you breathe in, visually follow the moving forms up. At the top of the breathing cloud, in the clear sphere (disc or orb of wholeness), hold your breath. Connect with vertical spiritual energies. Allow prana or kundalini energy to permeate being. From above come rivulets of permeation (or big version). When the yellow orb moves down, breathe out. Bring the benefit out horizontally in earth and your body. Concentrate before beginning another full breath.

This is a full breath, inspired by Wesak meditation on May 15, 2003. For more information about this Wholeo dome panel and how to use it, see ordinary breathing.

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