Zenith and Nadir views of Concentric Breathing sphere zenith of concentric breathing sphere nadir of concentric breathing sphere

Zenith and nadir views of the Breathe In, Breathe Out 360° Panorama in see it at Worldwide Panorama.

See info about the images or the panorama below. See also a movie of walking a labyrinth and starting to breathe eight tetlix, in and out.

Concentric Breathing

Breathe one way

breathing, aqua

Breathing out through the fields

About the images

On May 26 I had the vision that started this study of concentric breathing. I journaled, "Coming together, can see a mandala of repeated constellations around the edge of a consciousness symbol. Breathe into the center of the people. Breathe out to the periphery beyond the stars. So it became just a closing in and then out."

On May 31 I wrote in journal, mixing Wholeo symbol and circles, "...breathe in Wholeo goes out to the concentric circles, gathering and morphs to circle at the outer edge of the circle. Breathing out comes to the center, cutting through the debris bands, which sort of seem like the galaxy spirits, thoughts, biological information."

On June 4 I wrote, mixing breath visualizations, "Breathe in to people and stars, four-pronged all at once, the resources. Breathe out to concentric/radial DNA building." The four-pronged, all-at-once breathing could mean the Butterfly or Wholeo symbol.

I plan to envision the original ideas in images and videos to come.

360° Panoramic movie

Concentric circles are a polar coordinate configuration. Translated to rectangular coordinates, the circles are cut and stretched out to the sides. An equirectangular image can be made into an interactive panorama, providing a new way to explore ins, outs, ups, downs, and roundabouts. See Breathe In, Breathe Out  which is my entry in WWP 912 and you can see it at http://www.worldwidepanorama.org/worldwidepanorama/wwp912/html/CarolingGeary-7692.html. slsl

Breathe Out/Breathe In Source image.

Panorama detail

So here is my plea, if you find this page and are mystically inclined, follow the story and suggested practices.


Blessings be, Caroling

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