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April, 2012: I'm in a shamanic act where spacial aspects are rather aesthetic and with occasional lapses into non-linear time. It started a few days ago with a startling wakeup vision of a happening over thirty years ago. Now it was not as I have always assumed. The changed version is in fact of pressing current active importance. {Calling this the Matrix 2012 project. Moved entries from the blog in September.} To recap and expand on journal entries. Dates are chronological. Months: April, May, June, August, September, October, November.


Doing yoga I came into mindspace where the visualizations are real. The pose was belly down under Shasta and connecting through the magma of earth to Peru. I was up there when the men came (then and now being the same). I realized it was not a threat situation. That is, by not being afraid, we all transcended ourselves or as Yaani says, opened to our true natures. So we work as a team. But I need to do more now. A fiber needs to be inserted in each DNA (that is all on earth). But how would that be manifested? Or is it a braid made only by myself? Like when writing a computer program, I need to break the action down to each short yes or no step. Binary.


Fixated on what came to me in yoga last night. For over thirty years I've thought that trip to Rosaspata, Peru, northeast of Lake Titicaca was the single most dangerous and simultaneously courageous and foolish thing I'd ever done. To be released from the intense guilt of my personal risk is huge. But to realize eight other people in the confrontation now see it as a team meeting is emotionally monumental.

Geome and Ins (talismans I've found on recent walks) have important messages or vibes to be resonated from Matrix. Wow that sounds like what I have to do. Reading On the Way to Machu Picchu. Wonderful things. Red hand at Matrix with the galaxy people stored there. Kept the doors open with a kriya crystal. Suddenly wondering if there are three lakes here where I live that are sister lakes to the ones at Matrix. Deer Lake/Darla and Eastern Lake/Ester. O got the feeling of actual communication with Ester. I've heard there is a third lake, called Little Deer Lake. But on Google Earth I see five. Somehow this makes sense to me. I need to honor the five. Walk down Lakewood, to stay along the edge of these lakes which I will name matching the ones at Matrix. My lakes informed by sea level and runoff and the Floridan aquifer. Matrix lakes reverberating hills high Andes information. Galaxy people need to get wet.

Geome and Ins have special messages. Special way of conversing. They don't just transmit and send. As I walked, one in each hand, they were doing that with Matrix and the Galaxy people. The GP want to set up these chat rooms sort of thing.

What do the 8, the ocho hombres, mean? It's like they are part of a circle. The four seasons and the four celebrations in between, the 8 parts of the calendar like the witches honor. The Buddhist wheel. I don't know exactly how I relate to them. Except this morning, when I was standing there in meditation, I felt like I was standing in for Pacha Mama, but that is so presumptuous. It was like I was a facilitator. And they are for me. We're like a wheel. It's been 31 years since I was there. There are usually 16 spokes. 4*8. 2*16. Hexadecimal. 32-bit, 64-bit. All related to binary I guess.

What was this about the DNA strand? I guess the galaxy people would help us with that. Breaking down the steps. Maybe I can make an object-oriented diagram. There are levels of time and two locations. Then there are the players. The diagram for weaving has to be so simple that it can be transmitted through the stars. Of course there is that southern cross, Crux. We don't see that. But the northern cross, Cygnus, is like that. Just bigger. Let's go with the crosses. Ah, angles. As in triangulation. Somehow I think Aura/Wavelengths is playing in there too and also God Cell. Let's see, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 {} N S E W Up Down and center. That's Arguelles' affirmation of the directions. And we could say uncenter. That would be eight, works. Center and uncenter are exactly the same, of course, neither one existing, but and the only thing existing.

What was going to be triangulated? The directions for building the DNA? Oh, N cross and S cross, each has four points. Eight, eight guys. If vector from one … This isn't making sense. What am I going from and to? I figure eight struts or angles for each cross. Total 16. Maybe it is from stars of one cross to person to stars of the other cross forming an angle.


Walked around one of the three inner lakes here and saw that it was beautiful. Surrounded by private property so I had to trespass to see it. I have encompassed and connected to it. All day trying to go on. Finding that the Feminine Ray seems to be a figment of imagination or creation of a single author, repeated by many others, particularly by spiritual tours to Peru. I think it appealed to me because of the feminist movement grounded in my roots, as probably best expressed in Stained Glass Lib. As of now the ray seems like a healing affirmation.


Traversed the other two inner lakes. The last one is near the Gulf of Mexico, reminding me that Lake Titicaca was once at sea level. Perhaps this virtually renews a connection over time. I'm ready to start a working diagram, but where would it be in In the Trips/Art/Florida. No, this is more an shamanic act, so should be in Trips/Imagine/Act/, maybe creative? Is it related to Mindfield 2012? Or Carolyoga, maybe a special? Back to Art, this is a creative act, called Educing a Strand. This title could change as the act enacts. Creating a page called Matrix 2012.


Suddenly dawned on me that maybe there is a more mundane reason for our connection. Searched on global warming effect on Lake Titicaca and have been reading for hours. It is drastic. Drought and less runoff from glaciers and the lake is going down. All the high country is at risk. Then I found that Manco Capac was killed near Rosaspata, the last retreat of the Incas goes through there, can hike it. Also there is a white rock carved called Nusta Ispana. There are some ruins. Weird, one track mind, I didn't even know the history of where I was. However, life up there might become a desert in 2040. Thirty years is nothing. So what can a DNA strand do for that? I can see it might help folks elevate and perhaps become more compassionate and socialist. Oh, and maybe use less carbon, emit less CO2 and become more environmentally responsible.


Northern cross breathingSouthern cross breathing

I got guidance this morning about Matrix2012. That the stars of course diagram a tetrahedron (tet). I got some valuable insight. How I can do alternate nostril breathing to the two constellations. Breathing out to one, then in and breathing out to the other and in. Each breathing has three aspects: in belly, in ribs, in high chest. Then three out the same way. The spheres are the breathe ins. The waves are the breathe outs. It can be done with regular breathing too. The other insight was maybe this tetrahelix strand is added to the normal strand, which has dualism, able to replicate by splitting. In other word DNA is one strand that replicates and this strand adds to that.


I can't explain the rapture of this experience. It takes a whole lifetime to build up to this point. All those hours of studying and geometry and working in it, documenting it. Reading the book, taking the trip. Forgetting it for 31 years and then to have it all come to the intensity, almost like walking up that hill. Focused all that time before Matrix, then I said this is not an anti-climax, this is the climax. Boy was I high. It is almost like a loxodrome, when spread out, I'm on the other pole now. It's feeding back, we feed each other. They're not linear. They are linear but they are so connected that they are part of a Möbius action, which is an infinite loop.


Looked at star charts and see that tonight in 2012 at 11 Cygnus is just over horizon in east whereas Crux will be high in the sky in the south. On June 30, 1981, at 9 pm, say after the men leave, and I am on my way out, Crux is farther west and Cygnus too, but higher in sky in east. So this whole time we both can do breathing with one of the constellations in sight (ocho hombres at Matrix and me in the US). According to star chart, Crux is always partially visible over horizon, but dips below between October and December. Using that same time of night, 9 pm, Cygnus is invisible from Dec. 18 to May 23 so the only times for visible breathing to both is from May 23 to Oct 12. Wow I should have this project well-defined by then, hopefully.

Dates of being at Matrix: 6/27/81 left Moho, walked to Rosaspata, slept in restaurant lady's bed, shared with her family. On 6/28 explored area with boys and other adventures I don't remember at all, slept in bedroom again. 6/29 walk to Matrix, slept in cave. 6/30 day at Matrix, evening visit from ocho hombres, fled back to bedroom, slept there alone. On 7/1 walked from Rosaspata to Huancane hotel, getting ride on truck when reached main highway. Along with say 15 other people all standing up in the open air.

Seems like I should animate the crosses. Here would be the sequence. Breathe in 1, 2, 3, hold. Breathe out 1, 2, 3 going to the alternate cross, hold. Breathe in at the alternate cross, out at the near cross. Repeat the sequence. How does this relate to the strand? Fuller said each tet had 8 qualities, 4 in and 4 out. So possibly one cross breathe in/out creates one tet of the tetrahelix or strand of DNA. Hmm, when do breathing could do in tet side colors: red, green blue and alpha. That would be breathe in. So would breathe out be invisible? Then when do sequence at Crux, add another tet? So each complete round builds two tets?


The Geome crystal has found home in Red Hand chakra that is now strengthened at Matrix. The Ins shell is connection to sea and the writing has an etheric meaning going down in the lava shafts to Mt. Shasta. I had forgotten the significance of the three lakes and how I ground here. In breathing I visualized the three balls on inhale the expanding wind/windings to SA (South America), out in Matrix. At first visualized me atop Pacha Mama stones, but later me under, in the middle of the hill, Shasta shafts. Octagon personified around the top of the hill. Thinking that visualization need not be too geographic because that is misleading. It is the genesis of the experience, a human experience that finds a universal principle that can apply to anyone's experience, anytime, anywhere. Back to breathing. I find this page inspiring, where I first learned the loxodrome:

It seems this teamwork has been pressurized by the crises in our civilization and earth resources. But I can't see any goal or outcome that I can define. Can't get us educated, can't reform our governments to work, can't avoid the consequences of global warming. Peace pole. Meditating together? Complete breathing? Evolving?

First innovation breathing in, breathing out to the lakes in Peru. Breathing in to the three balls at the three lakes. Breathing out to the three lakes here. Breathing in to the three lakes here. Instead of just Matrix and this location. Breathing to the lakes is radical. Exciting. Thanks Stella. Thanks, I think I mean Ester and Darla. O but there are two protective lakes in Peru too. Shocked by forgetting the stars and breathing to the lakes. How reconcile seemingly diverse if not contradictory visions?


On my walks I've been breathing to the lakes here and there, rather than the stars.

See work in progress in Art/Florida/community/educe/Matrix2012: Matrix2012, Rosaspata, and educe.

The shamanic act of 4-25 or Matrix 2012 project continues; the artwork visualization is in progress.

Getting visions of the graphics I need to do. Mesh octagon with octal fractal artwork. Put it in the center of the two star breathings connected with a loxodrome. Make some sort of animation transforming the 1981 fear circle into that. Then make directions for using the image. Need to show how the stars diagram a tet, so there is a connection with the breathings when building a DNA strand. There seem to be 6 colors in DNA models: red, blue, yellow, green, black, and purple. But this is not the bases, phosphorus, and sugars. This is the structure they hang on. What is between red, blue, yellow, green? Doesn't work. All my models based on 3. How about red, blue, yellow and purple, green, orange? No that is 6. Cyan, orange, purple and yellow-green I like.

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Walked a labyrinth with others in a world wide ceremony at Unity Church. The 3Rs = Release, Receive, and Renew. These stages correlate with walking in, pausing, and walking out.

I envisioned Ocho Hombres walking in. Released from fear.

Two constellations came into me and down with roots in earth. Also went out to the far stars there. Aware of them not as a flat pattern but spacial and some other unfathomable quality. In my brain Cygnus (Northern Cross) flipped over to the left and Crux (Southern Cross) flipped over to the right. So in my mind references are opposite the outer star locations. (See graphic.)

The kriya jewel came into the center. I wrote “replaced” in my notes. Did it come back or what did it replace? I know little if anything about a kriya jewel (although important at Matrix in Peru). Everything made of fibers connecting. Received.

No separation coming out. Renewed.


Walked around three small lakes located between two coastal dune lakes connected to the Gulf of Mexico All this water is to invigorate the drying out high Andes life forms that will survive when we are nuked. I feel we are weaving a web of consciousness to be a larger life form that draws sustenance over time too. Like tie down rhizines of lichen that somehow gather nutrients and moisture. Yes we are lichen. Somehow that pleases the Swedish and Danish in me. I think that adding an “n” after a word is an article. If hund is dog, then hundn is “the dog”. So we are liche and as lichen we are the “liche”.

The idea of the composite came partly when the diamond constellations embedded in mind appeared to overlap or interact with the breathing. Like homeopathy, breathing it in imagination somehow enacts it in the real galactic context and that in turn energizes the synergy. Wasn't there a pooling with the lakes and under Misti? Must get that drawing too.

Put up the breathing between Peru and USA graphic (Educing a Strand) that I thought I did before, on Facebook.

Main vision was that the movie is the cumulative building of all these separate visions into a complex layered composite. First was breathing in lungs, like rib cage sort of mimics, what is the word I need, not models or mirrors, reflects, encloses, the spiral spheres of breathing in. Not three. Don't have to have three. Could see that initial vision of the breathing to indicate multiple breathing spheres. So I was getting clockwise (CW) and counter-clockwise (CCW) windings in left and right lungs. Breathing out flows out.

Another pair of spheres in brain somewhere, maybe the two lobes. Then all four at once. Then all four like faith symbol. How did it get to eight? Maybe faith CW and faith CCW. These offset as ocho hombres and Candelaria (or explanation), a different way of turning both ways at once.


Since it looked like it had just rained, decided to do the ramp walk continuing thoughts about the Matrix 2012 project. Got a couple of movies talking about visions. Now I'm totally excited about using them as a base for the the movie. The ocho hombres movie. Wow. That overcomes the problem with so many of my visionary works, where the detailed thought is in the writing that hardly anyone ever reads, even if they look at the video. I always love the shots of the nature photographers and bios and such. So I can do the ramp walk and when I talk about the models and animation, actually do it. So how it comes about will be completely transparent. I think that'll interest people tuning into their own visions and creativity.

Breathed in to six spheres. Breathed out to six wavys, which intertwine to DNA.

The octagon looks like a satellite. Looks like a movey, haptihedron, rhombicuboctahedron. Remember the Native American vision. That's a key, comes in when the breathings cross. DNA going one way, point of view of model is static. Point of view of action is either one way or the other, called left-handed or right-handed.

Wouldn't it be cool to show the 8 men morphing to an octagon? Getting to be 3D (octal hombres fractal imagery develops as shown in educing). Zoom in, get to octahedron. That could start morphing into Arguelles' octahedron and the rainbow around earth (Rainbow Bridge).

Weaknesses. The noise of the crashing surf is painful. Camera is always slightly tipped down to the left. Most of the views are of the walkway which is not as interesting as the Gulf, the beach the bank and the sky, which always remain marginal. I'm this disembodied voice. All the good nature movies have a cameraman that photographs the explorer. Or the explorer photographs himself so that he/she is a visible actor in the process.

My aim here is to visualize the breathing and the geometry. Use minimal walk-talk setting as is plus some ID of myself and the place. See how can integrate the faith symbol breathing of 5-11 with today's geometric modeling.


The minute I got to the beach and tuned in, started inner seeing to the cross-flipped reference constellations, as if they were the real thing or active reps of the real thing, so I was kind of cross-eyed looking inward to infinity in two directions. It had the same effect as when moving eyes from close up computer screen to out the window to the clouds or the farthest treetop. Stretching vision and all connected to the eye/brain/perception center. Well, not really that, but inner perspective, Z coordinate. New idea for me.

I wonder if it is because I am so used to representing things on flat surfaces, such as paper, canvas, or online on a computer monitor. I think my imagination simulates depth. After all, how deep can something in my tiny brain be? My mind's eye is entirely without physical dimensions anyway. No no, says my intuition. When I enter my inner world it has a different kind of reality, not a model of the outer world, but an alternate reality. Those flipped inner constellations are inspired by the ones I see outside myself, but they have their own construction based on experience and today I enacted depth within.

Then began a series of trying to integrate that with breathings. Basic infinity loops. Finally decided it could be done two ways. Sometimes able to do one or the other and sometimes mixed. So breathe out to Crux. Oops, just proved there are two more ways to do it. I was thinking that breathe outs are always to the people on earth and breathe ins are always to Crux or N Cross, the stars.

So if I breathe out to Caroling infinity, I can breathe in to N Cross, breathe out to Hombres infinity, breathe in to Crux, and repeat. Or I can breathe out to Caroling infinity, in to Crux, out to Hombres infinity, in to N Cross. If I breathe out to Crux, in to Hombres, out to N Cross, in to Caroling, is like I have been doing for alternate nostril breathing. But I could breathe out to Crux, in to Caroling, out to N Cross, and in to Hombres. These feel like four different variations to me.

Coming back after I had done some self-portrait studies, I put away the camera and did breathings. After awhile I tired of the mental discipline with thought patterns directing breathings. So I just visualized breathing in to the stars and out to the people infinities. So I was doing both then and now, both there and here. Then I wanted to do it without thought. Meditative walking.

About noon and am stymied. I can imagine working on a movie as envisioned for each day, but can't see how they all fit together. I mean artistically. All the educing seems connected and valuable and exciting and real.

Question. If start with the drawing from the book, of ocho hombres and me, does that morph into a haptihedron of all of us? At the same time the ocho turns into an octahedron and I turn into me now for the practice to work, the breathing. Instead of working on yesterday's movie, which is the end, I should start at the beginning.


Got a whole idea of how to present the movie. Start out with 1981 grounding the Feminine Ray at Matrix in Peru, showing the hill with Red Hand. Make a date ticker that crawls across the bottom. Jumps to the Ocho Hombres. Fear. Confrontation. Flight. Then morph them into the corners of an octagon, then gradually into the haptihedron shape. Meanwhile my face is in the center of the octagon, in 2012, fear gone, coming together for peace. Show map, the overall educing scene. For the stars of course tets. For the labyrinth insight the octagon can flatten down to the ring with the dreamlike figures and the star tets can flip and cross paths and zoom down to my head. Then that zooms in to a close up of that config in head. The music could be Andean pan pipes to start and morph to Brian's flute and gong.


Didn't see how the breathing or the global geometric Arguelles' Rainbow Bridge would fit.

Enjoyed this video from 9/24/2010: Unite Powers Between The Eagle of The North With The Condor Of The South, In meditation visualized a heart shape in brain lobes with the two sides filled with breathe in sphere windings. The breathe outs flowed away but returned to mingle and overlap with each other, creating the EIE and DNA strand.


At the Visionary Shamanism seminar trip I envisioned animals. Did I see evolution? Seems like there were several versions of a skull with different animal faces. Maybe my co-journeyers' or pets. Or did I turn into them remembering my shaman past? I actually became those animals, flashing in succession. Until the tuatara. It stopped there when I felt our pineal. How can I finish that sentence? I was looking at a tuatara in the Wellington botanical garden zoo. In the present. Even though I had some fringe memory of a TV story that he might have died. But for me alive. In fact, the partner tuatara that was there, we all three were one pineal in some way. The tuatara was telling me something. What was that? I've forgotten the message of the tuatara, which had something to do with the pineal. This is hard. I'm getting the image of the pineal bursting, like a ruptured appendix. Spraying and spraying my brain in its releases. Is it breaking? Is this what it always does? Is this a message? What gland is it associated with? Is this something I need to do more of? Is this a message for the ocho hombres?

Before I pasted this in here, I knew why, how this vision relates to Matrix 2012 and the ocho hombres. Is it to spread the pineal in some way? In the vision was a part about a window with inner pool, with clouds above and land below. Like my ink paintings but with a window frame and maybe blowing curtains with weather. Seems like this started above, in the fan and skylight above and came down my chakras, but alighted in one two feet and three four hands and five six ears and seven eight nostrils. After finding the eight it spread like raindrops on lily pads springing up lily replicas of the windows to each process and cell and spirit and element in my being. Turning me on lovely in the memory. Renee said I was smiling almost the whole time. Except for crying with the grief Carol stores in her right neck shoulder. All the negative emotions. Not sure I laughed with the final joy of the seeding, overall remembered as all daisies, daisies all over. They have always been to me the essence of fresh, one of my favorite words. Fresh. I was so completely refreshed.


Good concentrated breathing morning. Got tones for breathe in here (me, now), breathe out Crux (south, then), breathe in there (Peru, then), breath out Cross (north, now). Four tones came naturally when I was first doing the breathing. Reminded me of five tones in the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind. (See video.)

Another way to track the pattern: Now in, Crux out. Then in, Cross out.

Counting steps. In now, out then. In then, out now. Bridging the time, that's the classic.

An "all now" variation is in here, out now, in there now, out there now. So we are weaving those times closer together. But here's another thought, this would be the morning walk, breathe in here. Instead of breathing out there … visible transmission. See myself here, see the stars there, then breathe in to down there, then out to those stars. That's a way to get to me. A whole different pattern. {This makes no sense to me on 5-30 but perhaps it will some other day.}


Breathe in through the nose, out through the mouth. Not easy to get into the longer breathing out. All of a sudden it seemed like I was breathing us closer together. Not sure how the dotted lines joining north to south would come, if they would bend in or gradually just shorten. Coming together, can see a mandala of repeated constellations around the edge of a consciousness symbol. Breathe into the center of the people. Breathe out to the periphery beyond the stars. So it became just a closing in and then out. (See a study, Concentric Breathing.) I did that for most of the walk. Still doing it. At 6:05 a.m. I start singing it. Great birdsong loudly too. You can tell by the timing who's being emphasized. Then I saw the Wholeo symbol somehow mixing with the octagon. Maybe meeting in the middle. Seeing the overlap of the two constellations, like two tetrahedrons, makes the brain cell, perfect for morphing into consciousness and then expansion of consciousness. You have a circle of 9, that's prescient of Danaan, it became a point of 9.

Wow, I just saw the Wholeo symbol is “Hum” (hums a high note) and then coming to a circle. Breathe out (hear audible breathing out) to the outer circle. Breathing in to the center of the circle and out. OK the Wholeo symbol becomes the circle and the octagon becomes the circle and they … there is a vibration there, can't occupy the same space, but they can, so they go past each other. At different times, one is contracting to the point and the other is expanding a bit. Eventually the haptihedron of course becomes expanded consciousness which has something to do with the DNA, which is strung out like spokes of a wheel. Ooh, each of the ocho hombres becomes, on breathe out becomes a strand. It's not that they are doing that but they are the label and we all go ( or we all don't?) do it. Getting so cynical about the number of ideas I'm getting vs. the amount I actually will be able to visualize as art.

Need a recording of the tones. So in the first go with the tones, I repeat it 7 times. Then I do it with Me in, Crux out, then in, Cross out. Wow, I could combine the first 7 with the coming to center. Or not. Wonder which to do? Need to find a breathing cursor. Would it just be an enhanced dash? How does that relate to the three balls in and waves out? Maybe mock it up with the loxodrome graphic?


Variations of visualizations. Constellations centering on breathe in, DNA breathing out. Ocho Hombres centering, Caroling out. Ocho and stars centering brain cells evolving, crucible. DNA strands evolving out. Also there was a very complex view of in and out at the same time.


Made a Google Map of the two locations: 1981 in Peru and 2012 in USA.


Times are almost exactly the same for me and the ochos, Florida and Peru. To me it seems interesting that I've moved to the same time zone and latitude as Rosaspata. A video starts out with two tones, used to breathe in and out. Not sure if this is applicable but saw this: breathe in wholeo goes out to the concentric circles, gathering and morphs to circle at the outer edge of the circle. Breathing out comes to the center, cutting through the debris bands, which sort of seem like the galaxy spirits, thoughts, biological information.
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The only real visualization that I had was the zoom in like I did in virtual residency where it all streaks in radially. That would be the breathe in, like looking at the octal hombres fractal diagram, where they shrink in with that breathe in radial rays could be sudden collapse, all the rays and zoom, sucking sound. Smushing in and then it would come out to circles, that would be the transition. That was major. When I got to the little lake Tresca and I was being, looking at that lake in Peru and looking at this lake at the same time. Time was collapsed. What else was I going to say? Like when the stars come together and they twist into two tetrahedrons, that's one thing. But when stars come into as tet and makes a strand of tetrahelix DNA, does that build with each breath, deeper and deeper into the tetrahelix. Or save two of them? Maybe it depends on how many rings there are in the target.


When I walked a spiral that I found on the beach, in the center, the message was “Don't forget Sirius”. Walking on Blessings Beach, in breathing, saw both constellations out there and they crossed in my mind, like a butterfly pattern. Two out there up breathing in and two in my brain/mind, located within on breathing out.

I just saw the transition in another way, slow. Gradually, gradually, the butterfly region (both crosses in sky and reversed in mind) getting smaller and smaller. Not pulsing, gradually. I guess that's on the sides the streaks of just gradually streaks like Google central America that I saw on Google earth yesterday (the screen shot I was going to use for background). Then it got to be a tiny point. The circles started coming out, also gradually. Like enlarging from small, smoke rings out to full size.


Breathe in to people and stars, four-pronged all at once, the resources. Breathe out to concentric/radial DNA building. (At spiral labyrinth during partial eclipse of the full moon at sunrise and just before a rare transit of Venus.)


First thing I got when walking was breathe in to the star/location/people/brain based butterfly, reaching out and then in on hold. Zap to point then out in DNA strands and whatever they are circles out and then maybe not shrink in but dissipate, disappear. Reappear with the reach out. Maybe even Leo Elo's reach out. Boy he had it on the business card. The reach out and the coil. Must just look at that again.

The idea is that this visualization is the most important thing. It is as important as Wholeo dome. I can put as many years and as much of my resources into getting this image out and into use. I have started it with roots in Wholeo symbol. The history of the ocho hombres and red hand must be out there, but not needed for the most popular. I might even just work on this breathing and fill in the logistical gaps later. I can blog this, but dream on, no worry about how many people will read and put energy into comprehending my wandering talk.


On walk this morning. Breathing butterfly in, circles out. Changed to stars in, round out. This is all the time breathing, not special sessions. Also thinking heavily about the ECMS, solstice, birthday retreat cluster of Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Dec. 20, 21 and 22 timeframe. I need to invent something new, like the qigong energy transfer around the circle. Maybe it is like that, breathe in to the stars. Breathe out around the circle of people. Might build concentric circles. Me in center, three around me, seven around them, and the rest around them. So if we have 11 people that will work. Can adjust so we have two or three circles.


Right now I'm obsessed with the idea of sharing my visionary process in a presentation to ECMS. Have a merry visionary solstice. Wow, I wrote that and the screen went black. I found it was a loose connector. But is that telling me something? Is that an omen is a more correct view. The thing doesn't tell, unless I assume intelligence communicating with me. Well I do, but think it is unwise to make them rational. I like to keep them in the dark. I wonder what I should get from the occurrence since it seems to bring up something in me. I have been imagining an evening where I tell about my feminine ray quest and its finish. Then tell how it reappeared and teach the breathing technique which involves visualization. Then use the last five minutes to get own visions. Or have five minutes to channel, in which they can simply look inward, or express in writing or art, some record. Perhaps tie in with the Mayan calendar end of cycle and what omens direction messages can we reach for the new era. I will hone my own direction from trying to formulate it for others.


Thinking down in Peru they are getting ready to celebrate Inti Raymi, the return of the sun, for them it is the winter solstice. Now I'm doing both these solstices at once.

Then I learned a new kind of breathing this morning. It is so inconceivable, I'm not sure if it is just a concept, if I can even introduce it to anybody. It is like breathing in and out happen at the same time. There is a different kind of breathing in when you are breathing out. A different kind of breathing out when you are breathing in.

When I first walked out, I just saw the patterns blinking fast. Faster than I can breathe. Like a strobe almost. So I thought, do we just visualize this without breathing? The upshot was there is, you breathe in and there is some further breathing out pattern that happens. And when you breathe out there is some further breathing in that happens. So there is a complete cycle of breathing, constantly coming in. So it's not an in/out, there is constant coming in and constant going out. But we don't recognize those patterns because we've synced it to our breathing.

Breathe in stars to points or point, then when you breathe out it's like there's fireworks, going on the same trajectory that they are coming in. It's like breathing in the butterflies then at the out point, they keep going. Then on breathe out, it is like a wholeo {concentric rings in double bowl shape in 3-D visualization} rounding coming in, rounding coming out. The rings that go out help power the in and can go beyond. I mean it is targeted to normal breathing to your body but with expanded consciousness it can be radiated out. So it is to help all the cells, super-cells, I don't know. The cells are in a world of their own but there must be some relationship to this body that they are in.

On the continuing breathing in at some extent, like the poufs of fireworks, those are the Sirius star crystal chunks being now radiated out, distributed.

Now I can see two kinds of animations of this breathing affirmation info. One where the breathe in is to the left coming from the stars, while simultaneously the hidden breathe out concentric bowl rings are going out down to the right, powering the breathe in extensions and star crystal chunks. Then on breathe out to the left, the concentric ring bowl, the breathe in extensions continue to the right. So to the left is the exoteric, the external, the breathing previously comprehended and described. To the right is the hidden, new info, inner.

The second way to visualize this is both/and always simultaneously happening. So the breathe out rings going out to the left while at the same time the breathing in star butterflies are superimposed on the left. To the right the breathe in extensions radiating out while the breathe out also going out.


During sunrise meditation I returned to my evolutionary breathing. The visualization of the ins and outs, really sphere-double cone shaped was not straightforward. It kept changing direction.

Breathe In and Breathe Out

Bin and bout for breathe in and breathe out. Vector in from out is vin and vout. Scratch that.

When breathing in, the out looks like it is going further in but it is going further out. When breathing out the in breath divides and carries star chunks either further in to body or in to distributed out there things. On the next breathe in the continuing out breath furthers distribution.

2012-06-20 Walking a labyrinth for the June solstice.

When in the center I got kind of a knot or constructed baseball leather and scraps with ties as if maybe suspended. This vision did not progress and I didn't know what to make of it. But on the way out, Matrix breathing distributed my Sirius crystal, multiplying out all over the world. My question had been about the DNA form. Maybe the answer was it is a complex package, not a tetrahelix but within somehow, not a strand but a distribution. On breathe out the spokes radiated out, with a crystal dab at each end. On breathe in the further part radiated further. Or was it radiation on breathe in?


The first two B in and B out show just the star breathings, which can stand alone as in and out. The second two B in and B out show just the DNA creating breathings, which can also stand alone. I had been doing these together but it was an experiment doing them apart.

Breath in, b out separately

Suddenly switched to breathe in from Peru, still facing west heading around earth opposite direction turning.

Then turned mental view of earth position so I was facing east so I was balanced, not breathing from either Florida or Peru.

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Got great insight into breathing in and out, how it is a continuum. Thinking that for 12-20 presentation the lesson is visualization. Thinking of using my SUL or loxodrome to animate the breathing on the web. When breathe in the out goes down the bottom around the back. When breathe out, the in becomes the old out.

Say breathing in is red and out is blue. So when start breathing in the loxodrome (lox) is blue and gradually spirals red where the blue expands out the bottom into blue dots into the surround. When start breathing out, what? The whole lox is red surrounded by blue? I'm getting the picture that the red flows out the bottom and the blue flows into the lox until the lox is blue surrounded by red. That is like a color breathing but doesn't diagram breathing out as a counter spiral to breathing in, not to mention the basic natural experience of air into nostrils filling lungs and leaving lungs and nostrils out.

To do that would have start of breathing in the lox is blue with red background. As breathe in the top of lox gradually fills with red as the blue somehow is diagrammed as leaving the top. So if done with dots, there is parallel movement. Each red dot from the top pushes the line of red dots farther in the spiral chain down, urges a blue dot to flow oppositely. Does the blue dot just push on the line of blue dots flowing at the same speed? Or does it flow all the way to the top fast? If it goes fast, at the end of breathe in, all blue is gone from lox and breathe out can start. If it goes one dot at a time, breathe in has to hold as the blue dots gradually get all out. Then as breathe out what happens? To show red dots going out and blue dots going in this is all wrong. Red is a positive. Can't show the negation of a positive as a shape.

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Tschiripaiya's part in Matrix 2012 has not yet channeled. That set off whole set of visions of T as spiral fields and T as the original source motivation of the trip to Peru. Need to pay attention to her link to ocho hombres and the double foot root in Matrix inner and Machu Picchu outer gate of the feminine ray. That linked with Florida as the northern end of an iBar bridge with foot in my guidance and all earth, a twist on the iBar foot to the north. Strangely stretching to Two Thumbs in NZ. I'm feeling in energy fields. This morning seems like the Sirius crystal has spawned a sphere crust all around earth's atmosphere, so can breathe into it anywhere. Also is modifying our sunlight with different kinds of rainbow prismatic rays, not like our spectrum. Open aura to feel the effects. Cells basking and opening receptors to new information. Transforming. Such a concentrated focusing inward bliss action joy fusing experience of ack. ACK. Acknowledgement (data networks), a signal to acknowledge the receipt of data.


I must reorganize the Matrix 2012 content of this weBLOG chronologically. Having the latest entry first is fine for seeing the latest work. But for complex ideas developed over days, weeks, months and years, the latest entry makes no sense as it relies on familiarity with the previous thread. So I'm putting it all in chronological order in this journal.

Could differentiate the two star clusters or tets with colors. The cyan/yel green/orange/purple vs the red/blue/yellow/green.


Maybe I have to redo the tetrahelix with faces, not struts. Also thought that the breathing should have the other breathe out and breathe in images on them (as shown on 6/17 and 6/24). Not the wave and loxo.


Best vision of the morning was creating tets with faces and after 12 tetrahelixes made, they radiated out. Breathing so simple with concentric sucking in and tetrahelixes radiating out. Forget the transition but my cells love this. Each one doing their own DNA. Felt like a walking cluster of tiny cells, all repeating the breathing pattern in sync.

I started doing the beginning infinity angles breathing that I published in the movie yesterday. Seems like I did the tones too, more in sync with walk step than breath. Two steps per breath. Something like that. Didn't know how to make the leap from here to there as tet-making starting point. Each round of breathing makes a tet. Then jump to there to make a tet. There was a wonderThought if maybe they/there/ochos could make their own tet, so that when I make one, there automatically is one from there. And vice versa. In time it seems like one or the other starts it, but in actuality they are always a pair. I'm not sure if that is really true or possible or if it just is a convenient idea. Since I'm the designer here, might's well go for the most preposterous. See how it feels.


Chose colors in this order RYGB OLTM where L is lime, yellow green. For red, yellow, green, blue and orange, lime, turquois, and magenta.


Puzzling about tet face breathing and couldn't get it. Now that I've diagrammed it in Photoshop, I do. Say the vertices are named me, ochos, northern cross and southern cross, labeled m, o, n, s.

While doing this, I got the idea that the tets would fly to the haptihedron triangles and then to an inner tet. The second tet has different possibilities, based on the transparent overlaps of the basic colors, that create the intermediate colors. Also, does it create a duo-tet and then migrate to tetrahelix position? Or is haptihedron the key to make DNA instead of brain cell-type tets? I like that idea better. The expanding brain cell is duo-tet for starters. The tetrahelix DNA is created by suggestion. Is that right? There could be a proto-tet inside that exists as potential in DNA or gene. That needs to be coated with outer tet that is designed and breathed into place.

Not sure where the telix (tetrahelix) is going to be in the scenario. Right up front? Can't be to right that is too far from the ocho hombres.


Lots of Matrix 2012 progress. First saw the tet faces breathing as done in Photoshop, big help. Then wanted to see the flow from skeletal path breathing, through tet face building, through centering and DNA tetrahelix building. Saw a sequence from paths to tet face breathing and as I went from me to o,n and from there to o,s my point of view slid along the axis, should we say dollied along the axis so the next two faces were from Peru point of view. Like the skewing I did to show butterfly breathing. Hm maybe that could be one week's focus in video and I would see more how that fits into the sequence. So from Peru I did the s,m face. Then slid towards the middle for the last face back to m. There I saw an aqua centered breathing in while pulling in the tet faces kind of liquidly down in the center as the first tet in the helix. Kind of vague but was breathing out a magnification of the tet or what. Didn't really get that yet. But have seen how eventually there are eight helixes radiating out. Then what would it do? Start over? Or take place in a global ring? Of spiritual evolutionary potential? Anything to do with Elobeing? I feel so much help. Spirits are just crowding around me.


Puzzled about tet face breathing. Does it follow the breathing path? Yes. But it is looking like, when tet face breathing (TFB) starts, the paths fade away. Not sure how the faces manifest. They could send out edge lines and then get filled. They could fade in. They could start at one point and gradually spread out towards the other two points.

I'm liking the framework as a guide to build that won't be visible in the end or that is a ghostly dashed line idea matrix. But allows me to fit triangles on it. Am not sure how to do this, of course. The writing had me doing it with breathing in contraction and breathing out expansion. Looking at it with vertical column now, could run it in front of the haptihedron window and then when a column is woven, it could expand and contract with breath action. Weird thought that the graphic could depend on actual breathing of the viewer. Is there a sensor for that? Of course. But impractical since is not common computer gear. Could make it user activated, like a button or hover over.

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Parallel terms for breathing focus locations

For c


N America




Me In

for ochos


S America



Ocho Hombres

Then In

for N


N Cross




Cross out

For S


Southern Cross




Crux Out


The next step is to make 8 tetlixs and rotate them. Anyway, I was wanting to do the labyrinth with the tetlix in the middle. That seemed so cool. So why not do them together. Rotating this thing … First I have to do the breathings really fast, 15 seconds or so. I thought maybe I could start at the end of the labyrinth movie, where I'm sitting down. Then see the fast walkers of the speeded up footage around the labyrinth. Maybe tets as breathing results along the paths. As the tetlix get created they come to the center and then lay down flat, in perspective. See if I can get that to happen. If not can morph, fade in/out. Eventually tip the labyrinth to a diagram of the Chartres type layout. Show tetlix radiating out and do concentric breathing. I can see the process but what exactly is the end point?

Got email from someone who had a dream about being in a class and told to draw a tetra. She drew four triangles connected at the base vertex. Each letter of her dream name was to be placed in a cube and she was to remember the word tetrahelix. On remembering the dream, she lost the name. All this was unfamiliar but she did find the triangles on, best shown on this page: The triangles form an enneagram in the center of an "Enneagram View of the 3 Levels of the Hebrew Alphabet". For me this is significant because it relates the tetrahelix to the torus (which for me relates to the MET or Major Event of Transformation body) and the cube (which for me relates to the brain cell, the duo-tet and more information for the Matrix 2012 DNA strand vision project). There is a diagram of the kind of columns I've envisioned on this page: I should link to this on my Noint Joint page:

The next day she had another dream laying out a tetra and if it was not done correctly it started a fire and if done correctly there was forgiveness. What she took from that is you must have the right intentions. Since her guidance is connected to mine (as evidenced by many synchronicities) I'm wondering how this relates to the layout of tetras and intentions so far. One of the synchronicities is that her name Darla is the spirit name for Deer Lake that came to me years ago. See the 4/15 entry on this page for example.

It was great confirmation of the value of these visions with these statements. She wrote, "...if I understand the tetra breathing but, what I can make of it is that it changes your DNA. That has been my goal. I have been pain free for a few weeks. I also believe that finding your site confirms that is true, there is no way you could make this up. It's amazing I found the site just before coming to FL." "What I think is by getting in touch with you and the unbelievable synchroncities has given me tools (tetrahelix breathing) to reach my goal of restoring my health. Confirmation , confirmation , confirmation! All things are possible." "I am amazed and full of wonder how, doing the meditation to change my DNA has brought me to this point of full circle. When I do the meditation I see a vibrant purple color, sometimes changing to gold and a feeling of bliss the same as the near death experience."


The Matrix 2012 project is continuing to the end of this year. Briefly the idea is to make peace with an adventure in Peru in 1981, by breathing affirmations to add a strand to our DNA. Today is a milestone, the last day of the range of dates when respective constellations visible at 9pm from either SA or NA.

Good article about DNA, except the incorrect idea about the galactic center:

Darla asked what sparked my interest in tetrahelix. Journal 10/9/07 was with ibars and seems was looking for octet truss. This movie shows a much more complicated tetrahelix.


Fantastic walk. Seemed to get new tones for breathing. Walked back and forth getting the tones and my face, doing it on iPhone. There really are two tones sometimes, as if two people an octave apart. Also beeps that I don't understand. Running round my brain is to match tetlix creation visualization to the new tone recordings. From today through the next three days I'll complete segments of walking around the south parts of the outer lakes, Deer and Eastern, including the three little lakes within the circuit.


Biggest thing this morning was that can do breathing to duo-tet. C2Sstars, O2Nstars, Nstars2o, Sstars2c. This doesn't look right, but it doubles the amount done by one set of four tones and two sets of bin/bout. Not sure if there was an even faster one where the entire duo-tet would be breathed in four tones. The radical advancement is that the tetrahelix is a duo-tetrahelix, not sure how that would look or what it would do for the strands but could there be maybe four strands? There is more technical detail on this day.

This page has a java viewer with faint 3D double tetrahelix:

Brain cells with tetlix2012-10-19

Have been thinking about the cube matrix and cannot see how it would work as strands. Each one would connect with a different brain cell. What I would be breathing to would be an intersection of different unrelated strands. Is this irrelevant or a discovery of how DNA relates to brain cells? One thing for sure, to try and diagram it would be incredibly complex. Somewhere I worked with banks of cells. I could try and see. Or it might be that the star pattern shrinks to cube dimensions or format, the breathing is done, and the tets fly off to tetlix. And the tets tetlix (as verb meaning to assemble tets in tetrahelix form).

Here's how I'm seeing the tetlix work with brain cell Tetrahedral Light Muscle (TLM). The matrix of brain cells is organized something like envisioned, in stacks or hexagonally, flower of life sort of honeycomb. When tetlix structure evolves, one of the TLMs takes part in the building, keeping relationship info with the brain matrix. Keeping in mind that the DNA is a separate kind of gene cell (ignorance of biologic terms is stripping mind bare), but they need to relate. This thought pattern is outrageous. Could it be that regular DNA helix relates to the edges of cubes via incoming sensations? And 3-strand DNA tetlix relates directly to the TLM? That would seem to give it a big advantage. Mind is telling me this art fiction belongs to 2013.


It would be easy to stud the tetlix with double tets. It would be hopelessly dense to breathe TLMs and then overlay tetlix matching each tet in a duo-tet TLM. Besides the tetlix would have to simulate different angles. It shows one thing clearly, that the overlapping tet can not relate to the tetlix of the first tet. It is interpenetrating in unknown ways. It looks like maybe two vertexes protrude from the chain and two poke into neighboring tets, up and down. Maybe they are there holding it together and linking to other chains.

Here's something I wonder. Why is the DNA a helix rather than just a straight ladder? It must be a stretched out circle and have some repeating, cyclic need. I wonder partly because the tetrahelix can't be compressed without squishing the faces, the triangles. Not sure if the geometry would hold. And as is, the turns are much more gradual that any DNA model I've seen.

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Had a view of tetlix last night of breathing in from the narrow to the wide end of the triangle, breathing out to the narrow. Then each time I did a round, it added to the tetlix, so the tetlix is rising up in space and the map is converging underneath, that would seem to be a very useful visualization. When tetlix done, it becomes a radius in the in/out concentric circles breathing pattern.

Really nice deer lichen. Got to get that into my meditation. Seems related to tetlix in structure and the way they are related to the ibars.


Completed circumnavigation of the lakes by walking lake-to-lake north of the highway from Deer Lake State Park to Pt. Washington State Forest (see map).

Really nice deer lichen. Got to get that into my meditation. Seems related to tetlix in structure and the way they are related to the ibars.


New vision: Matrix 2012 Visage and Matrix 2012 Visage Journal Excerpts. Galactic Matrix 2012 Visage


This tetlix is a flux line of torus. Yesterday looking at sacred geometry models of the universe which is expanding at the top of the torus and contracting at the bottom of the torus. ( is Rodin Coil vortex animation. is the Universal Pattern - Torus from the Orange Theory.)

We are in the top part. The energy flux lines (forget what it was called) slanted instead of being almost vertical as my MET is. I guess that diagrams more time. Whereas mine is a now? No makes no sense. I don't know what the slants indicate. I don't know if my tetlixs are at an angle large or small. Or if they follow the MET model or some other torus.

It is kind of an “as above, so below” thing. A hologram thing. A fractal thing, where this tiny DNA tetlix is formed in the same pattern as the whole. Which of course extends to the breathing visualization. So is this saying that I can breath toroidally, with tetlix flux lines, and not just build individual tets? When I ask and there is no resistance, no alternatives, no competing visions, it would seem that the question is true. Tet breathing building tetlixs is the coming together of N and S of the parts. The work then to be done is the toroidal breathing. Is the duality lost then?


I'm wondering how the movie will get to the northern point of view of Google Earth, needed to pull the perspective of the line together. Writing this why didn't I just go straight up from the equator so south on equal footing with north? But imagining being at the north pole and the tetlix, when built, arches up in the MET surround of earth. Could it be that starting in the equator makes that gap in my original vision? I'm putting a MET in the cast of characters.


Today we did sunrise meditation on the beach followed by picnic and hike in the woods. At 9pm GMT I joined a global meditation called Do As One day at although my Mediacom web connection was intermittent. It was all about breathing together globally as one, with many kinds of online breathing rooms to explore, starting with the Universal Breathing Room. The Triangle Flow Breathing Room made me wish for a Tetlix Building Breathing Room. Their fastest breath rate is much slower than my two-second rate.

I was seeing a kind of orchid flower shape, drawn in extremely fine lines, getting finer. The striking quality was the flowing in, like attraction of black hole. That reminded me of visions past, where I seek to stop or reverse the flow. I have spent time with this activity.


Working on images for movie, Breathing Tetlix Global, I saw the globe view sort of converging, like a whole skin of earth drawn into Central America. The image returned of the orchid around earth with the fine lines sucking in. But now see as the core of torus. And aren't the tetlix then going the other way?. The fine lines of connection global consciousness core inward. And the conscious evolution breathing tetlix expanding, flowing the other way. This week a single. Maybe next week can animate more and the torus. But shouldn't it be to the north and south poles? Or will poles shift? Looking at visionary process, there are far more questions than answers. Maybe that's why I honor any answer that comes. Maybe my inner truth Wholeo vetting process is labor-intensive just like my computer graphics.


For the movie description: When North and South Americans connect and breathe together globally, tetlix build. Breathe one yourself, one tetrahedron at a time, setting the world platform for the torus of reform.
See Wholeo Galactic. Continued in weB log.

See also Matrix 2012.

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