Rosaspata Peru environs

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Rosaspata, Peru

Following intuitive hunches and what to me seemed like specific directions in 1981, I targeted a site for a vision quest near Rosaspata, Peru, northeast of Lake Titicaca, between Huancane and Moho. I got there at the end of June, hiking in with a backpack and sleeping bag. I was told that the land was communal and was not privately owned. I spent the night and the next day on that spot. At dusk I was visited by Aymara people, eight men with a rope and farm implements, asking why I slept outside. They listened to my broken Spanish explanations and looked at my journal and artwork, saying "we leave you". They did. Also I left too, terrified of being there at night.

Matrix 1981 with red hand healing

Fast forward to 2012 when suddenly out of nowhere I get the message (it just comes into or from my head or heart or aura) that we were not adversaries, fearing each other. At least no longer. Now all of us know that we are a team. I have some visions of what we should or could do together. But I cannot find evidence that anyone has read my book or considered the confrontation. I can't find anyone to ask. I fear that the whole area is suffering from global warming. I had thought for years that after the inevitable nuclear wars life would most likely be preserved on the western side of the Andes mountains, since I heard that nuclear fallout collects on the eastern side. I have assumed that biologic forms were what would carry on. Now I'm worried that global warming is decreasing those chances, since it is dehydrating the area.

So here is my plea, if you find this page and are mystically inclined, give a look to the the suggested practices, for what it is worth.


The coordinates are approximately 15° 13.496'S 69° 31.236'W

Blessings be, Caroling

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